Monday, May 7, 2007

Hand-me-downs & new stuff

I read the other day on someones blog the term "retail therapy" (thanks Jenni) and I've decided that it completely relates to some of us who are adopting- especially us first-timers who have never before bought baby gear for our own little darling(s). I know it makes it seem more real when I am able to shop in the baby section at Old Navy. I sometimes really wish I knew if we were having a boy or a girl- they don't make much anymore that is for either.

Last week, our friends gave us a load of hand-me-downs. They have two young boys, so we'll be very lucky to have a boy, but some of it will be fine for a girl. Besides, around the house, who cares if our girl is in a blue striped onesie with blue pants? Here is the loot:

I'm loving the puppy dog hat!

We were pretty excited to get the baby Pumas.

This I bought today at Old Navy. I couldn't resist.

My other problem is online browsing - I keep finding things I really want to get, but so far have been good. I did decide today that I will probably need these:

Okay, I'm finished for today. Goodness!


  1. It's so funny that you posted this. I have refrained from buying baby clothes (easier because this is our second) until just yesterday. And then I had to buy a shirt "there's a new sheriff in town" and outfit from gymboree. I finally caved. But I have a bad feeling I just opened the gates. Baby boy clothes here I come!!!

  2. I promised not to buy any clothes until the dossier was sent...yeah right! The closet is filling fast! I, too, am doing a lot of on-line shopping but I'm adding most of it to registries...hopefully someone else will buy it all for me!