Sunday, April 1, 2007

Busy Weekend - Ethiopian Food & More...

We had such a great weekend -
Friday night - Ethiopian food at Meskerem (more on this later)
Saturday - matinee - Blades of Glory (very funny), then the Ohio State basketball game (they won- on to the championship game!)
Sunday - church with my friend Chryssi and her daughter Emma and brunch at one of my favorite places (vegetarian biscuits & gravy - yum!), I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the sun reading There is No Me Without You (I don' t have to say it, but I LOVE this book - I can't put it down), and tonight we're going down the street for hot-dogs and the opening day baseball game on the tv (outside on the patio).

On Meskerem - my mom (Grandma/Mimi), Kevin & I went to the new Ethiopian restaurant in town. It was so great- the food was wonderful - it was just like I remembered from the Ethiopian restaurant in Tucson and I didn't want to stop eating. We had two combo platters, so I cannot remember the names, but my favorite was the chickpeas. Kevin's favorite was the yellow lentils. He did not like the lamb - he hates lamb and I had no idea I had even ordered it - I took a big bite (I don't eat lamb) and said, "YUM!" so he took a big bite and was distraught. As a chef, he has tried a lot of different foods, but does not like (read- HATES) only two things - lamb & goat cheese. He got over it and enjoyed all of the other dishes.
The best part of the night was the owner - he came to our table and we told him we were adopting from Ethiopia and he stayed and talked to us for a long time about Addis Ababa and what we could expect. We promised we'd be back when we got our referral so we could show him the pictures (if not before then). Our server was also from Ethiopia and she offered to write down her family's address so we could visit them while we were there. That was surprising to us as Americans b/c not many people here would do that having just met someone. We told her we weren't sure when we were going but that we'd be back before we went. We left so happy to have such a great experience - I already know this will be a place we can take our children! Now if Kevin could only learn to cook injera... :)

Sorry - no pictures this time - I tried to post a picture of "twin" tulips I took with my cell phone (there are two tulip blooms on one stem!) b/c it made me smile, but I am not that tech. advanced. Maybe next time!

Continue with prayers for licensing!!


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