Sunday, April 22, 2007

First Baby Gift, Etc.

On Friday we received our first baby gift (aside from the things I know the Grandmas-to-be are currently acquiring ;). The gift is a framed poem about adoption and it is beautiful. This is very special to both Kevin and I because it was given to us by an adoptive mom. She adopted her son from Korea when he was a baby - he's now 17! It was the perfect first baby gift. Thanks Juanita!!
And, a lot of people have been reminding us that, even though we have a lot of paperwork and such to do, we should remember to relax during these last few months before the babies come home. We've been told to 'sleep in' (can't - the dogs wake us up every morning) and to go out on dates (we've been doing this one, but still trying to save $ for when I'm at home with the little ones). Well, today Kevin took the 'Relax' part of it to heart (on his new hammock)...
He deserves it! If it weren't for him, the lawn would not look so green, the dogs wouldn't get walked, the house wouldn't be as clean (I freely admit this), and dinner would always be boring. As my mom always says - He's a catch! :)

Oh, and today is Annie's 6th birthday (thanks to Petco for reminding us :). We celebrated with a new rope toy and liver-flavored mush filled Kongs for all the dogs. YUMMY.
Happy Birthday Ham!

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  1. Your Kevin, sounds like my Kevin. Mines quite the catch too. He loves working outside and he is much, much better at cleaning than me. We both do the cooking.