Thursday, April 5, 2007

We Have Big News!

Guess what you'll find if you go to the Children's Hope International website...

That's right - our agency is officially licensed in Ethiopia! We are so excited - I've been in a fog all day, dreaming of our babies.

If you're dying to ask me, "How long?" I don't really have a clear answer, but things are definitely going to start moving along now. We are awaiting our fingerprinting appointment and after that we'll wait for the 171 form (which I think is clearance for our fingerprints), and we'll get the paperwork together for our dossier. Once we have all of that together, we'll submit it to the Ethiopian government and then wait for a referral! YAY!!


P.S. This is how I think things are supposed to go with the dossier - if anyone who has gone before us has any words of wisdom - I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. The process you have outlined is how it all went down for us! Seriously, it will move quickly! I was just looking back at our old entries to see where we were in the process when our guy was born. We had just received a copy of our homestudy a few days after he was born! I would have never thought our little son was born back then, but he was !

    Yah for your agency receiving approval!