Saturday, April 14, 2007

First Time Parents

So last night Kevin & I decided it would be 'fun' to go and get our registry started. Well, if by 'fun' we meant overwhelming and a little scary, then we were right. Our idea was that we could get some of the basics on there, and once we know whether we're having a boy, a girl, one or two, then we could add on and change things. We quickly realized that we have no idea what we need! Our major accomplishment was the car seat, which was chosen with the help of a friendly Babies R Us employee (thank goodness he came over to us - we were about to run out of there!).

After the car seats, we moved on, with our new friend in tow, to the high chairs. Basically, that is where we stopped. Do we get the big one or the ones that strap into your chairs? What if we have two? What if we want to eat on the deck - do we want to drag two big high chairs outside? Aaagh! :) We turned in our scanning gun and were informed that we did quite well for the first time- we had 30 items and most people only get to 5 and then get overwhelmed. So, that made us feel better.

We got to the car and called Chrissy (mom of 4 and my friend for 20+ years) and informed her that we needed HELP! She and I are now planning our excursion and I think it will go much better this time.

Kevin & I are definitely the quintessential 'first time parents.'

(P.S. Just after I finished this, I went to our agency's Yahoo group and found that they have started a new group called CHI First Time Parents. Just in time! :)

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  1. We had a very similar experience last week when we went to register! I did the same thing...called a friend that is already a mom and went with her earlier this week. You will find that to be very helpful!:)