Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dossier-ing & Car Seat Trouble

So, we had a minor set back on Friday when I took our dossier in to be checked by our social worker and our program coordinator. There were a few problems with some of the documents - one being that my notary's stamp was blurry. I was able to fix that by having her re-stamp them (lightly) so that the numbers can be clearly read. I also had to have our doctor's notes rewritten and Kevin's employment letter changed a teeny bit. But, hopefully I will have everything ready to go to be checked tomorrow and then maybe state certified on Tuesday. I'm praying that they will certify the documents while I wait.

I was feeling a little discouraged about the dossier problems so I went baby shopping. :) I have tentatively picked out some bedding, but it is so hard to do since we're not sure if we're having a girl or boy, one or two! I was looking at Pottery Barn Kids, but couldn't decide on any that would be cute if we had one of each. I did find these at Target and they're pretty cute:
They are also somewhat inexpensive in case we do have two. I'm still stuck on what color to paint the room - I was thinking pale yellow, but now I'm unsure again. I'm still hung up on the boy/girl thing.

The main problem I'm having is picking a car seat. This weekend CHI had a class for adoptive parents and one of the things they covered was car seat safety. I had been told that the Britax was the best and was considering getting those, but someone spoke up about how the Britax did not fit well in all cars, notably the Subaru models. I drive a Subaru. Not to mention, they suggested getting one for each car so we wouldn't have to move them. Well, we might be getting two for each car and the Britax starts at $200. So, now I'm on the hunt again. If anyone out there has any advice - please let me know!!


  1. The bedfding is really cute. Yellow walls would look great with either or both bedding sets. There's so much cute bedding out there that one does not even need to spend tons of money. If you think of it, we are just buying it for us and others to ooh & ahh over, the baby(ies) couldn't care less. In addition, how often will they spit up on the cute sheets or have some other mess and we'll just have to use a different sheet anyhow. It's so fun too look though. There's so much they will need that top of the line bedding is not very important to the big picture. I'd rather spend the money on something really important like a car seat.

  2. Things are moving fast for you guys! Yah! Love that bedding...I think it is so cute and great colors! I feel your pain about the car seat decision...We are going with the Britax though. I am actually struggling the most with trying to decide which stroller to get! There are too many to choose from....I keep thinking I want something different, but of course those cost a bit more. :) I will probably end up with the ol' standby Graco kind.

  3. Well, I've picked out the car seat I want (Cosco convertible) and the stroller...I'm having a hard time with the high chair! As far as the car seat goes...after you get one and put it in your car, go to your local fire dept or police station and they should have certified "car seat checkers" who can tell you if you installed it correctly and give you general pointers.

  4. omg! I had the green one picked out when we started adopting I love love love it!!