Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We Love Our Agency

Okay, so we have no news on the progress front - still no passport, etc. But, we have had an exciting week. Last Saturday our agency had a meeting/class for the Ethiopia families in town. They had a panel of transracial families who spoke about their experiences and answered our questions, and we were lucky enough to have a gentleman who is from Ethiopia come and talk to us. He answered a lot of our questions and was so nice and funny! He told us about the Ethiopian community in our town and answered my question as to which Ethiopian restaurant he liked best. (For those of you in the area - it's the new one that just opened on South Grand). We really learned a lot and (this is the best) he offered to come back to teach us about Ethiopian cooking. How cool would it be to learn how to make injera from someone from Ethiopia! Maybe I'll even learn how so I can start cooking something other than fish sticks and mac-n-cheese (which is one of Kevin's favorite meals, by the way). We feel so lucky to have found our agency - they really make an effort to keep us involved.

We also had some news from our close friends this week- they are thinking about adopting an older child (4-5 years) from Ethiopia! I think it would be great if they are able to do this- not only would we have another addition to our 'family' of friends, but our children would be able to grow up knowing someone from their birth country.

And, we were lucky enough this week to have a visit from Grandpa D! Kevin's family lives out of town and we don't get to see them as much as we'd like to. Grandpa D came in town for work and had dinner with us Monday night. He informed us that he and Grandma D will be visiting a lot more when the babies come home- which makes us very happy.

And, finally, it is spring! It is so beautiful out- the tulips are coming up (which always make me think of my Grandma who I miss- she had the most beautiful tulips), the bradford pear trees are all white - we have two big ones in the front yard. And, our dogwood might actually bloom this year. The family that lived here before planted it when their daughter was born and it hasn't bloomed since we moved in. Yesterday I found little buds on it - perhaps a sign of good things to come? :) I took some pics with the intent of sharing, but I'm having trouble uploading from my camera, so I'll share one that is also a sign of spring for us - when it rains and the dogs get muddy they all need a footwash after being outside. This is all three of them in the bathtub- it's so funny when they're all in there together! Drying them off becomes a bit more challenging though!

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  1. Hey ... It's Stacy from Raising Lucy. It was nice to see your comment on my blog. I am looking forward to hearing good news on your blog. Meanwhile keep writing, it's a GREAT way to remember events and dates for the baby's book(s). I still haven't quite finished the scrapbook from starting - baby home, and thank goodness I have my blog archives for dates/events!