Friday, March 9, 2007

Waiting for my Passport & Sad Day

Just to check in - we are SO CLOSE to being finished with the home study. I turned in a few more documents this week and am now waiting only on my passport to get here. Kevin applied for his last week, had it expedited, and 'poof' it appeared. I, on the other hand, thought I was being smart and applied for it almost 8 weeks ago and am still waiting. As soon as it gets here Erin can finish the homestudy and we will send it off to our government and wait for the fingerprint appointment.

I also have to add that today is a sad day. My dad & stepmom had to put their dog, Murphy, to sleep. She had Cushing's disease and hasn't been doing well for some time. She was a great dog- and she was a champion swimmer at the lake (in Arkansas). I was there the day we picked her out and I was lucky enough to go visit her this afternoon and give her kisses. I will really miss her. So, in tribute to Murphy Lynn (aka Lynnaburger) here she is at last year's Bark in the Park parade.


  1. oh, stace! i'm so sad to read about murphy's death!! please send my love to karen and larry!

  2. oh, that was me, julie, by the way, not anonymous.