Sunday, March 18, 2007

CPR Class

We're still waiting on my passport...
We sent in our I600-A, but we were not granted out fingerprint appointment - we'll have to wait until the homestudy is complete (passport) and then they'll give us the appointment...
FromEthiopia is waiting for a shipment of necklaces, so I'll be waiting a bit longer for that too...

Today Kevin and I got our CPR certification for adults and infants. Our friends Chryssi & John are expecting a baby boy in July, and have a 10 year old daughter, so they set up a class for other new parents or expecting parents and grandparents at their house. We wanted to go so we would feel more comfortable in an emergency, but hopefully we'll never have to use these new skills. I did once give a small (really small) piece of pizza to our friend's two year old and he started choking - very scary! His mom had taken this class and knew what to do. Thank goodness! I've taken CPR classes before (in my glorious lifeguarding days) but I've never done infant CPR and lots of things have changed in the past ten years. Also, CPR is HARD WORK! Either that, or I am WAY out of shape (which could easily be true :)

This is Kevin with his baby mannequin-Our mannequins-

Class picture - Chryssi (in the light blue) & John (on the end) are expecting a boy, Christine (in the pink) is expecting a baby girl, Kevin & I are in the center, Matt & Maureen have a three month old baby boy (he is a cutie!) and Chryssi's Mom & Dad - Grandma and Grandpa - are on the other end.

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