Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Home Visit

Just to let everyone know - the home visit went very well. The only real blip was when Annie decided to nose-kiss Erin (our social worker) when she walked in the door and then Annie rubbed her peanut butter face on Erin's black pants. We were a little freaked out when Annie did that! For those of you that remember, Annie used to bark at people when they come in the door - and now, a nose kiss! How would you like to get a nose kiss from this? :)

But, overall, everything went very well. The dogs were great (thanks to peanut butter kongs) and we had a really good conversation with Erin about our plans for parenthood.

SO, what next? We will turn in the last few pieces of paperwork for our homestudy within the next week or so (providing that our passports get here soon) and then Erin will compose the homestudy. We'll send one copy into CIS (I think that is it) along with another government doc and then wait for an appointment to have our fingerprints taken. And, as always, we're still waiting on word from the Ethiopian govt. on licensing, so keep us in your prayers!


  1. congratulations! I remember feeling so relieved the home study went well. I laughed as I read about your dog. Our daughter managed to break our social workers necklace, among many other very embarrasing things :) It's funny to think what the social workers must experience all the time. Good luck on the next steps

  2. Hi my name is Amy. I just came across your blog on the ethiopia adoption blogs site...Congrats on the home study going well! Very Exciting! That is a big check of the long list of to-do's...

    My husband and I are also adopting from Ethiopia. We are awaiting our referral...soon we hope!