Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Two Days...

Two more days until the Home Study visit! (Well, one and a half, really, but who's counting?) Tomorrow we're expecting spring-like weather with the possibility of tornados, so that should be fun for me while at home trying to make the house look 'pretty.' The dogs are due at the Beauty Shop at 8 am (they have to look pretty too!). They'll get all clean and then come home and get muddy in the rain (and our mud hill backyard). Good times. I guess that when you're a parent, you have to roll with things like this, so I'm going to relax and take it all in stride. DISCLAIMER: I KNOW that having dogs (even three of them) has in no way made us "ready" to be parents, and that we don' t know what we're in for, and dogs are way different than kids. (Just so any parents out there won't feel compelled to tell me! :) But, since I think reading a blog is more fun with pictures, here is Pedro. (Won't this be fun when I have baby pics to share?)

And, since I know she is our SUPERFAN, I want to tell Chryssi (& John and Emma) CONGRATULATIONS on their good news - they're having a baby boy! I can't wait!

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