Monday, February 5, 2007

Just Checking In...

Hi All,

Just checking in to let you all know how we are progressing. We’ve had our background checks (ALL CLEAR!) and have been busy acquiring our passports and writing our autobiographies. We are hoping to turn in the first three “assignments” of our home study this week, which are our autobiographies, a letter to the Ethiopian government explaining our desire to adopt from their country and a questionnaire called “Issues to Consider” which asks us questions about our feelings on becoming a trans-racial family. After we turn those three things in, we will be able to set up the first set of interviews with our social worker.

Also, this weekend we are going to an adoption class hosted by our agency. The guest speaker will be from Parents as Teachers (which I am so excited about), and they will also have adoptive parents and adult adoptees tell their stories. We will then break into groups according to the country we are adopting from, so hopefully Kevin and I will get to meet some other people hoping to adopt from Ethiopia. We’ll be sure to fill you all in next week!

We’re still waiting to hear about licensing, so keep it in your prayers that Children’s Hope receives licensing soon!!


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