Monday, May 5, 2008


We were lucky enough to meet up with several families this weekend - a Pre-Union to get ready for BU '08! (Have I mentioned we're going to that? CA here we come!) Anyway - we had a great time - it is amazing meeting people in person that I've been "talking" to through email and the blogs for almost a year now. I will let the pictures tell the story...
We started at the zoo...

We fed the goats...

We watched Pacey trying to nibble on her mom. :)

We took a group shot - look at all those little cuties!

We hung out with fake Lions...

We napped a bit...

So did this adorable girl...

And so did the hippo.

Then we went back to the hotel and hung out for a while. Had some juice boxes...

And some coffee. (Ok - not really coffee - I think that was water.)

And rolled around on the grass. Good times!

Then we went to dinner - yum!

Then we played some more...

(I think Micah was having fun.)

And, if that isn't enough cuteness for you... We finally got some pictures of Silas T. and Micah together - along with one of the cutest little girls ever! I present this portion of the post in a slideshow - I just can't choose out of all the cute ones.

Serious good times were had by this family. We are now even more excited for the Blog Union - to see some of our new friends again and meet all of the many families coming! Are you coming? You should!

Oh - and I forgot I wanted to list all the families that were there -
Josh, Amy & Silas
Jocelyn & Pacey
Amy, Sophie & Nathan
Kerri & Ruby
Steve, Danae, Isaac, Eli & Eva
Craig & Cindy
Joe, Christina & Habi
Ben & Rebecca


  1. We had a blast as well...hoping we can come to Cali...really enjoyed hang out with you guys...we should meet up like every other month or something since we live so close..

  2. Micah is looking older! Sooooo cute! I wish I could come and meet you and some other bloggers at the Blog Union! Maybe at the Union '09!

  3. We had so much fun too! (Although, it looks like we weren't really there since we missed out on the zoo :)

    It was fun meeting you guys and seeing Micah in person! Hopefully, we'll make it to the official Blog Union.

  4. I love the picture story! I will get on my post tomorrow:-) It seems so funny to be looking back on our first little get together after talking about it for months!!

  5. Sounds and looks like you all had a great time. What a bunch of cuties.

  6. How cool! I've never heard of the Blog Union! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!!!

  7. That looks like a fun time - the kids obviously loved it.

  8. So sad we missed the super fun times!! But maybe that just makes me more excited for the Blog Union! Woot woot.

  9. How fun!!! Looks like a great time! All the kiddoes are so cute! It must have been the weekend for IA parents meeting up...I went up to Michigan to meet Elise from CHI. It's so great to connect with other families, isn't it?

  10. Ahh, Wish we had known.Springfield isn't far from us.
    Looks like all the kiddos had fun!

  11. How fun!! It was funny to see pictures of so many families I know via blog.

  12. Stacie, Definetley count us in next year!!

  13. So much fun!!!! Can I just steal this post???

    Love the pics!!!

  14. This looks like so much fun! It makes me even more excited for the BU! I'm so glad you all got to get together!