Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cute Stuff

I feel like I need a dose of cuteness, since I'm feeling overwhelmed by the situation in Ethiopia. So, while I ponder what I can do to make a small difference, please enjoy...

These are from the park the other day - this is the face I was getting when I said, "Say CHEEESE!"

And another "cheese" face...

He is starting to get it here...

And then his Dad made him really smile...

Lately, Micah has decided that it is fun to put food on top of his head. I have no idea why, but he seems to think it's fun. He puts it up there and then looks around, as if to say, "Where did it go?" It's really funny. And kind of weird.

"Hey, has anyone seen my peanut-butter toast?"

This child makes me laugh.


  1. Thanks for sharing the cute pics - I needed 'em today!!!

  2. The food in the hair is so funny. Boomer does the exact same thing!!! Unfortunately he also does it with dirt, grass, rocks, and anything else he can get his hands on. I think he's fascinated that it stays there. I think I'm about to have to cave and get his haircut :(

  3. He is so funny!! I love that cheese face. Hey, your head is a good place to store food for later:-0

  4. HAHA! That kid makes me laugh so hard! With those antics...maybe he will be a comedian...a really funny weird one.)

  5. Quite a little ham! So adorable!!!