Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bad Blogger

It has been almost a week since my last post - sorry! We had a very busy weekend and this weekend will be the same, so I probably won't be posting again soon...

Over the past weekend I read this book, based on the recommendation at the Dalai Mama's blog...

I read it in three days - even while having family in town. I loved it. It is definitely not for the conservative reader - just to warn you. But, I thought I'd tell you about it in case you want some good summer reading. The author also has a great blog - Girl's Gone Child.

I also finished the book Red Letters. I loved it. Someone wrote about the book on their blog, "There is no way you can finish this book and think, I'm doing enough." I think that's a good way to put it - this book will get you on the move to make a difference. (I'm sorry for not giving credit to the blogger I quoted - now I can't find who said that!)

So, now I'm off to get ready for our busy weekend - so enjoy some more cute pictures until I'm back in the blog world!


  1. Isn't he just getting so handsome. I am glad that you liked the book--it was a great honest look at life and child-rearing.

    Have a great weekend and hope to see more of Micah and you soon.

  2. I love that Micah...his smile is so sweet!! I gave my sister your email..she just had surgery though and isn't on the computer right now! She should send an invite out soon for her blog!

  3. whatta good lookin' little guy. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Great book recommendations, I'm putting them on my list right now. I am currently reading "There is No Me Without You" and I cannnnnnot put it down (except long enough to blog and work, but only 'cause I have to. :) )


  5. I love the pictures of him with the straw...too cute. Reading...what's that??? Will I ever get back to it?? ;)

  6. Thanks for the book recommendations! I am looking for some good reads now that summer is here. Also loved the pictures of Micah - as always!!!

  7. Ok, I was waiting for my Micah pics!!Look at all those teeth!!