Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm a "Non-Mom"? *Updated

My head is spinning right now - I'm angry, but maybe I'm over-reacting. I have to leave for work or else I would be composing a very though-out email to the company who is hosting the America's Favorite Mom contest.

Please check out the "Non-Mom" Category.

Are they serious?

(thanks Jenni for pointing this out)

Update -
Okay - so thankfully they changed it from Non-Mom Mom to Adopting Mom. They also sent out a nice apology - which has been posted on other blogs. I got this in an email from Jenni and I think she makes a good point about the change (she said it best so I'm directly quoting her):

"I appreciate they made a change, but they have missed some of the
point. I am a Mom. My son is not gonna call me Adoptive Mom and I'm
not gonna call him Adoptive Son. I'm a Mom. How about just honoring
Moms? Some children have a step mom who is the only Mom they've ever
known. Some children have a Grandmother who is the only Mom they've
ever known....Can you imagine if they had a contest for kids and
designated categories for adopted kids, etc?"

Well said. Anyway - I'm glad they changed it, but I still don't have any warm, fuzzy feelings about the Today Show or Teleflora at this point. (Which is the whole PR reason behind such a contest.)


  1. They have already changed it to "Adoptive Mom". I talked to them and emailed a few people. Even so, I asked "why did they even have to differentiate the adoptive mom from the mom that carries a child? they said they are not trying to be offensive but to honor special categories of moms such as the military mom, the single mom ,etc. But really, who was insensitive enough in the first place to have a category called "the Non Mom Mom"?? And they actually pay these people to come up with that?? OY!!!

  2. I just heard about this on the Raising Lucy blog, but they've already fixed the site. I SO wish I had seen the original version. IMBECILES.

  3. Stacie... I looked at this post earlier when the website was not changed and could not believe it either! I tried to leave a comment, but it wouldn't let me. Anyway, I am glad they changed it but still think it is strange that they are differentiating between all the moms!!!!!

  4. I am floored that this even happened! I went to the link and couldn't find what you were talking about and then I saw the little fine print...they should be ashamed:-(

  5. Oh geez, that is awful! What the?? Who the?? I'm glad they changed it, I would like to know how many of us "non mom's" wrote/called/yelled before they realized that may have been a stupid idea?!

  6. I think this is extremely offensive that they have categories like this at all. If their intent was to project to all of America that adoption is a less legitimate form of motherhood, they have done an impressive job! Really, NBC?? Teleflora?? COME ON!!!!

  7. Happy Mother's Day to a TRUE mom in every sense of the word!!!

  8. Seriously, I am in total disbelief that they would put "Non-Mom" in the first place. Utter and complete disbelief. I am like in such disbelief and bewilderment that its almost monopolized my emotions...but, wait, I'm a little pissed too....I mean, a lot....SERIOUSLY!?!?! Who, the HE$&#&? Did someone REALLY seriously put Non-Mom?!?! OMG. Who do we contact? I am all over that one...


  9. Just wondering- Does that make Anna my "Non-child"?