Friday, May 9, 2008


I (verb)

I am: currently searching
I think: this world can be a better place
I know: how strong the power of love is
I want: to have another child through adoption
I have: the most amazing child I have ever met
I wish: we could all just get along
I hate: close-mindedness
I miss: my Grandma & Grandpa
I fear: that I won't be a good mom
I feel: things way too deeply
I hear: my dog sighing in her sleep
I smell: rain
I search: for a church we can call home (more on this later perhaps...)
I wonder: who our next child is and where she will come from
I regret: not meeting Micah's first mom (although there is no blame)
I ache: in my heart for her
I care: about this world
I always: look for the meaning in things
I am not: a conservative person
I believe: that everything happens for a reason.
I dance: in the kitchen.
I sing: very loudly, but not very well
I cry: during the montages at the end of sports - superbowl, world series, etc.
I don’t always: find the right words at the right moment
I fight: social injustice (or try to)
I write: this blog because I love it
I win: when I let down my defenses
I lose: when I am defensive
I never: want to forget these days of Micah's babyhood
I confuse: myself when I think too much
I listen: to my heart (or try to)
I can usually be found: in front of the computer during naptime
I am afraid of: flying and sharks
I need: to find meaningful ways to channel my sadness at the state of the world
I am happy about: my life, my home and my family

Thanks to Tiny's Mom for tagging me with this one - I had to steal some of your answers (and could have stolen more!). I want to tag everyone, but then I know no one will do it... so I tag Jenni, Amy, Erica, Lori, and The Dalai Mama.


  1. That was great. I had to laugh because I can totally relate to the I cry comment (though I was embarrased to admit it!) Nice post!

  2. Misty,laughed at parts & I cried at all parts. Ok, i think waiting for a referral this long,is making me VERY emotional!

  3. I too can be found at the computer during nap-time, all the time. And I only sing loudly when I'm completely alone (or with Abe, who gets the puzzled, cocked-head "baroo?" expression). Cool list.

  4. I love this! Very, very cool!

  5. Great tag! I'll work on mine. :)