Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Asked for It!

Okay, well just like 3 of you asked for it, but when anyone asks me to discuss Twilight, I'm more than willing. So, let's take a break from mommyhood and be twi-hards, shall we? (I understand that many of you will now be leaving. I understand. It's okay, I still love you.)

The New Moon Soundtrack! Have you downloaded it? Do you love it? I think that I would have loved it no matter what, but I reallyreally love it. I love sad, dark music. A friend and I were discussing this - because she is the same way - and we decided that it's because we're generally positive, happy people so we have to have an outlet for the dark stuff. Music! Anyway, this soundtrack is definitely less upbeat than the Twilight soundtrack - but that is to be expected. I mean, this movie is about Edward LEAVING.... *begins to cry*

And, my thoughts on the movie? Well, for Twilight I had SUPER HIGH HOPES. And they were shot to... um poop. (Remember - family blog here.) I do love Twilight but my first viewing left me feeling like something (or many many things) was missing. I'm trying not to get my hopes up for next Thursday, but it's really hard after watching things like this...

My plans for that night include a 9 pm showing of Twilight with 5 friends followed by a midnight showing of New Moon. Don't think you won't get another Twilight post on November 20th!! Who else is going?! What are your thoughts?


  1. Sorry, I don't know much about Twilight...crazy, I know.
    You ask and I boots are Earth boots called Scape.
    I got my boots way more on sale than they cost now. It was my "this-wait-for-court-sucks-so-I'm-going-to-buy-a-new-pair-of-boots-boots."
    This year I'm on a search for grey boots, but I'm going to wait until March again, so I can buy them on sale.
    I can't believe how close you are getting for a referral!
    Sleep issues are soooo tough. I never thought sleep issues were going to be so hard before we had kids.

  2. I'm going : ) I haven't read the second book yet, so I should enjoy the movie... I'll read it afterward.

  3. I can't wait for the movie! I am in need of another great book series now. Can't wait to read your post about it because I will not get to see it by then so I'll look forward to your review!!

  4. YEAH!!! you are officially as out-of-control as I am. I have blogged on BOTH blogs about my Twi-freakdom.
    I downloaded the soundtrack off Napster yesterday and have been listening non-stop. Don't know if I like this one better than the first soundtrack...but I like them together on shuffle.
    I re-watched the first movie last night. I agree, there is something missing, but I think it's a combination of (1) too much in the book and the editing had to be done to fit it in the 2 hour format so they cut too much and (2) there weren't enough make-out scenes. Seriously. I HATE that it's PG. I would frankly prefer an R version.
    My hopes are high for next Friday to be sure. And really, with both Jake and Edward topless, I don't think I'll be bothered by any bad editing or missing scenes. I think I'll just be drooling into my popcorn and dreaming sweet-sweet dreams all weekend long!

  5. I'm going! Not the midnight showing though. I'm too wimpy. Definitely going on Friday though. I too was sooo disappointed by Twilight. Not at all what I expected, but I'm really looking forward to NM. The trailer alone makes it look much better.

    We just took an 18 hour car ride from NY to MN and my husband graciously listened to the audiobook version of Twilight the whole way out. After it was complete, he just kinda rolled his eyes and said, "For a book that's suppose to be about powerful vampires, that sure was a lot of sappy blubbering." LOL!!

  6. I'll be at the midnight showing here! I. Can't. Freakin'. Wait.

  7. I'll be with Katie at the midnight show. I can't freaking wait! Though I am really curious as to what they'll surprise me with. I feel like I've already seen all the major scenes... I can't wait to debrief with everyone Friday morning!

  8. I think I'm overloaded with excitement for the upcoming week. My baby comes home Sat. and New Moon after that? Shew! I hope Asher can stay quiet because I'm not sure I will be able to peel myself away from him for 2 hours. Who woulda thought that Edward would be placed on my back burner...