Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Losing Steam...

So, I'm really losing steam on this posteveryday stuff. But, trudging along... today you get Randomizations From Stacie! I know, lucky you, right?

*Random #1 - Our agency increased their wait for baby girls, so I'm now guessing we will receive the call somewhere between late January - early March. I'm okay with that. If it goes longer though, I'll be sad. I would really love to travel before August. We went during the rainy season last time, and both Kevin and I would like to go during a more sunny month. But, really, we don't care when, as long as we go.

*Random #2 - "I'm BUS!" I took Micah to work the other day to eat some pizza and everyone was coming up to him saying, "What's your name?" and he would answer, "I'm BUS!" Oh reaaaallllly? Okay then.

*Random #3 - Micah really loves his Spiderman pj top. He wears it with other pj bottoms - no care for matching around here.

Micah also really loves transportation vehicles. Planes, trains, buses, fire trucks, etc.

*Random #4 - Sometimes we have band practice. I sing into the microphone while Micah plays his pink Bratz guitar (goodwill find!) and then we switch. We seriously rock.

*Random #5 - I have a new iphone and I am in love with the ap store. Did you know that in 2 days, 9 hours, 51 minutes and 7 seconds I will be at the theater watching New Moon? My New Moon Countdown ap told me that.

Five is good, right? I think yes. More tomorrow... *sigh*

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