Thursday, November 12, 2009

What up Blogger??

Blogger must be overloaded by Nablopomo because it is only allowing me to post in Html. I do not speak Html. Just a tiny, tiny bit. SO, instead of my planned post on books - you're getting a picture. I know, I know. Blame blogger!

That's Micah and Silas. (At least it should be - it's a bunch of blargle in Html.) We were lucky enough to be on the way when Silas' family was traveling across the country and we spent the afternoon with them. We had not seen Silas since we were in Ethiopia so I was pretty excited (and also excited to meet his mama and the rest of his family!). Silas is just as sweet and adorable as you'd expect in real life. I love this picture.


  1. This is a cute picture! They look like two fun boys :)

  2. Oh how cute!! Love that you caught all of our "legs" in the background! I hadn't seen this one. Can you email it to me? I love it. I'm also a bad blog reader....way. behind.