Monday, November 16, 2009


Every night during our bedtime routine Micah and I say prayers together. It is so very sweet. I ask him what he'd like to pray for and then translate that into an actual prayer. Here is how it works...

I ask Micah, "Who would you like to say a prayer for tonight?" And he answers...
Snack! - So we ask God to help everyone in the world have enough to eat
Juice! - So we ask God that everyone have access to clean water and enough juice
Gaga! - (His BGF, Sophie) We pray for Sophie's whole family
Woofs! - We pray for all the dogs we know and that the dogs in the world without homes find families.

You get the idea. Sometimes he is too tired to answer so I will say the prayers while he nods his head, as if to say, "Yes mama, let's pray for Gaga." It makes my heart ache with love.

He is a very sweet boy.