Wednesday, November 4, 2009

School Daze

Micah started "school" this year. Well, really it's just a Mom's Day Out kinda thing once a week for 2 hours, but it's at the preschool, so that counts. He also goes to another "school" on Fridays - where I get a REAL Mom's Day Out - the whole day to make appointments, clean the house, etc. Don't hate. I know how lucky I am on that one.

Anyway, preschool. The first three weeks he cried miserably when I left him. It was hard. But now we go in, he picks up his name tag, puts it in his cubby and gives me a smooch before going off to one of the tables to play. My heart bursts with pride each week. Each day when I pick him up I ask, "What did you do at school today?" (even though I already know from the teacher's report). He always answers, "I had SNACK!" Apparently, snack is the best part of school.

Getting ready to leave for the first day of School. Elmo is saying goodbye?

In his classroom before I tried to leave on the first day.

After school! I went to the same preschool - it's pretty cute.

Kevin came with me to pick Micah up from his first day. I'm stealing this from his facebook page, but this is what he posted after we picked Micah up, "I went with Stacie to pick Micah up from his first day of junior preschool. I will always remember how happy and proud he looked when he saw us once he came out of the classroom. I have never been so proud of anything in my life." Yeah, that's awesome.


  1. hmmm Leul and Micah think alike, he gives me the EXACT same answer about what he did in school "we ate a snack mom!" Okay......anything else? "Ya they were pretzels."


  2. that snack response is AWESOME. micah- i love you buddy. maybe one day we can split a plate of nachos. with a side of pizza.

  3. Love that he's going to the same preschool you went to - that's really cute! I also love that Kevin was so proud. It actually made me tear up when I read his comment!

    PS Ben's sitting beside me on the couch and saw Micah's picture and thought it was Eli :)