Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Stupid Modem

So, our modem broke. It's broken and can't be fixed, so now we're waiting for them to send a new one... ho hum. I'm lost without the internet. Sad. But, thankfully, Kevin's laptop has an aircard and I can steal his computer and use it when he's not working. :) Otherwise I'd surely be going into serious withdrawal.

Since I have no pics to share on Kev's computer, I'll share the latest on Micah...

1. He has one new tooth - it's on the bottom and is so adorable. He is also getting one right next to that. I can't wait til they're both in - it will be so cute (but also a little sad because he is growing so fast!)

2. We went to the doc the other day and he weighs 18 lbs. and is 28.8 inches. He was 3 weeks away from being nine months at the appt (it was last week), but I think he was in the 60th percentile for height and the 20th for weight for a 9 month old. This is on the US scale even! So, I think he's doing great!! (I could be a little off on those #s - I can't remember and since Kev's aircard is slow - I'm not looking it up :)

3. I'm scared to say this out loud for fear it will jinx us, but Micah has kind of been sleeping through the night! He used to get up at least once, sometime twice, for a diaper change and a bottle. But, this last week he has been sleeping until it's time to wake up! (I'm not counting the 1-2 times we have to run in and replace a binky - that doesn't count yet.) I don't know if it's a fluke b/c we were keeping him up later to get ready for Daylight Savings Time, but we'll see. (BTW - Daylight Savings Time is no longer super-cool because we get an extra hour of sleep - see, Micah doesn't know that the clocks changed, so we really do not get an extra hour of sleep anymore. And, we had to work the entire week prior to the change to adjust his bedtime. I just thought I'd mention this in case any other new moms were thinking the same thing. :)

4. Micah's hair is super long!! I was looking at his pics from when we first met and he just barely had curls. Now it is at least an inch long and he has tons of curls! He doesn't like getting his hair done either, even though I keep telling him it makes him look handsome. He doesn't really care.

5. Micah has begun to wave! (Have I mentioned this already?) His first wave was to Pat at the grocery store. She calls him her little pumpkin (cute!) and she was saying "Bye-Bye little pumpkin" and he lifted his arm to wave. Kev and I were both there and we were so excited! (We'd been working on it :) Pat was pretty happy about it too.

6. Ok, so he isn't talking or anything, but this kid constantly, CONSTANTLY, says "Bah." As in "Bah, Bah, Bah, BAH, Bah, BAHHHH." He says it when he's in his high chair, in the car seat, in the exersaucer, and lying in bed when he first wakes up (or is refusing to nap). We think it's the cutest thing ever.

Ok - that's all for now, although I'm sure there's more adorable things to mention about Micah, but I have to get some emailin' done before Kevin needs his computer back. Stupid modem.


  1. We've adored keeping up with your blog and have thoroughly enojoyed watching all of the fabulous events unfold for your family. What a joy. Micah is beautiful!

  2. Ugh, daylight savings time! I keep trying to tell Nora that she gets an extra hour of sleep but nope, we are up even earlier than before!

  3. Ahhh, Micah has little teeth already!! He's growing so fast!!!

  4. I agree, daylight savings time isn't nearly as fun for moms. Sounds like your little guy is doing great! He is very very cute.

  5. I hear ya about daylight savings time...Silas' new wake up time is 6am...no good. He is slowly sleeping a little later though..well, I don't know if he is so much sleeping or if it is just I get him up later. :)

    You have mentioned doing his hair twice now...what exactly do you do to it? Should I be doing more than just putting Carols Daughter Hair Milk in it? Tell me your hair tricks!

  6. I love your family and blog! Thank you for sharing as it gives me such excitement for our day to come with our referral and travel etc.!! :)