Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good News... Bad News

Good news... Missouri beat Kansas last night! (Sorry KU fans!) My dad went to Mizzou, so you know we all had to get together to watch the football game, and Micah was dressed for the occasion:

Mom, Dad & Micah

Papa, Grandma K & Micah

Little Tiger Fan (except when Ohio State is playing!)

So, now if Missouri wins next weekend, and so-and-so loses, and the stars and planets align, Mizzou will play Ohio State for the championship in January. With Papa being a HUGE Mizzou fan, and Dad being a HUGE Ohio State fan, this could be a problem. What will Micah wear? :) I'm thinking he'd have to be loyal to his dad and stick with the OSU gear.

OK - on to the bad news. You know those silly inflatable things peopl
e put in their yards? Yeah, well, we said we'd never do that. That was pre-baby. Post-baby: Yesterday Micah & I came home from running errands to find that Kevin had put up an inflatable Snoopy thing:

Back story: Whenever we went to Lowe's with Micah, he would giggle non-stop when we walked by the inflatable things. He loved them! So, Kevin is such a great dad - he went out and got one for Micah. He was so excited - he was cracking up at it. Very cute stuff.

Anyway... this morning - IT'S GONE!!!! I really think we live in a great neighborhood - I mean we know ALL of our neighbors on our street. (Obviously no one our our street took Snoopy - they were all stopping by yesterday to tell us how cute it was.) So, we are really upset. I know it's just a thing and can be replaced, but it really stinks that someone would take Snoopy. I'm going to blame it on the kids with the bottles. It's only logical.



  1. That blows! Who does that kind of thing? If it shows up in the drunk neighbors yard then I'd have to call them out on it.

  2. I used to like you and then you had to dress Micah up in a Mizzou outfit?? Come on, why did you have to ruin things for me:-) (yes, KU is my alma mater). I'll send him a KU shirt so he isn't ruined for life!!!

  3. Who in the world steals Christmas decorations??! It is a little funny and sad that people out there need a Snoopy blow up so badly that they have to steal it out of your yard. Yikes. I'm so sorry about your Peanut Gang loss!

  4. You have a great family. May God Bless u.

  5. Stacie - My friend bought this huge pumpkin at the pumpkin farm and the next day it was stolen from their yard. Made their almost 2 year old daughter cry! Must been the same people or their cold-hearted *@$#@^& relatives!! Now why people find fun in doing things like that who only knows!

  6. I agree, it's the bottle people! Whoever it was, GRRRRRR.

  7. Poor Snoopy! I love how festive you all are with Micah being home :-)...again WHAT GREAT PARENTS!!!

  8. I love the pictures! It is pretty sweet that you guys put up an inflatable snoopy for, thats love. :) I am sorry it was stolen...darn kids. You could always bring Micah over to my street...our next door neighbors have a huge inflatable Winnie the Pooh in their yard. We'll be here, just let us know when you plan to come by...:)

  9. Mizzou Rah! Mizzou Rah! Mizzou Rah! TIGERS!! Our kiddos chant this every time they see a tiger! Yes, I'm from missouri and my dh graduated from MU, so we are HUGE fans! Wasn't it Ah-May-zing to whip up on KU? Okay...enough of that...
    It totally stinks that snoopy is gone! Has he found his way home yet?
    p.s. please don't make him wear a chickenhawk (i mean jayhawk) shirt! ;)