Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dancing In My Highchair & Other Rambles

This post has no point - I just want to ramble about some things - For your convenience, I will bullet-point my rambles.

*Today Micah was literally dancing in his highchair! A new adoption friend sent us some cds- some Dan Zane and

it's a bam bam diddly!

by Father Goose. So, I popped in Father Goose (mainly because of the name and also because my grade school music teacher, Sheryl Crow - [that's right - Sheryl Crow was my music teacher - we had bus duty together] was on the second track. The first track is great- and Micah was loving it! Thanks new adoption friend - we LOVE the cds.

*A couple of posts back Amy asked if I had hair secrets because I talk about doing Micah's hair. Unfortunately, I don't have any super secrets. I use a detangling spray (thanks Jen for the recommendation) because the hair on the back of his head gets pretty tangly. And I also use Burt's Bee's oil to make his curls all beautiful. I have baby fine hair - seriously, I know two-year -olds with more hair on their head - so, thick, beautiful, curly hair is like a dream come true for me - so I'll continue to enjoy "doing" his hair until we cut it. Oh - and I've also ordered this product based on another recommendation, so I'll let you all know how we like it - it should be here any day now...

* Micah is a spitter and it is getting worse! He used to spit up some, but now he is spitting up all the time. All. The. Time. I wear my ugly crocs a lot because, for some reason, it always ends up on my shoes and the floor (I can just rinse out the crocs). (Nice boy - he leans over to spit up when I'm holding him.) I've started added rice cereal to his bottles to help (I read that it might help) but that seems to be making it worse. Any advice? We need help!

* Yesterday I went in to CHI and dropped off a letter for Micah's Ethiopian Mom. I really do hope she receives it and that it makes her happy to hear how he is doing and to see pictures of him. I would love it if I could continue to send these letters and pictures, but I will understand if she chooses not to receive them. Since I dropped it off, I've been thinking a lot about her.

* It is really hard to find baby products without Petrolatum in them. Petrolatum (aka mineral oil) is defined as "colorless to yellowish-white hydrocarbon mixture obtained by fractional distillation of petroleum." That seems kind of scary to me - and I've always tried to avoid it in products that I use on myself, so I surely don't want to use petrolatum products on Micah. And, the baby books say to avoid it when dealing with dry patches (which we are). So, yesterday I went to the health food market and found this product from Desert Essence. It says right on the packaging that is is good for dry patches and is suitable for children. Yippee!

* I just started the book "What is the What" by Dave Eggers. (Thanks Julie for recommending it) It is amazing so far.

* I have finally finished addressing the majority of Micah's announcements. I have 60 ready to go and I'm waiting for a few more addresses. Do you think I overdid it? :)

* This weekend is the BIG game between Ohio State & Michigan. Kevin is a HUGE OSU fan. We were joking the other day about Micah playing for OSU someday (no pressure - only joking) and I asked Kevin what he would do if Micah took a scholarship to Michigan. He answered, without missing a beat, "Then I'd be a Michigan fan." Okay, seriously, that is LOVE.

* I was going to post some pictures, but stupid blogger doesn't seem to be able to upload pictures right now. Next time!


  1. Arbonne has some great baby products that are mineral oil free and work great on dry skin. I steer clear of the mineral oils too. It's a bit frightening.

  2. Oh gosh, do I remember the days of spit up! For us, it seemed to be because I was giving Kirsten too much formula and cereal at a time. So, we pulled her formula and cereal mix back an oz or two at her feedings and that seemed to work. She was like a little pig at mealtimes:-) It can be pretty tricky to gauge how much food to give little ones, I learned. I didn't use rice with Kirsten, but oats instead.

    Hope you find something that works :-)

  3. I second the Arbonne comment, I love their products. You always have such fantastic links - the Father Goose music is wonderful!

  4. Thank you for the music recommendation. I love it and our new little guy loves to sing and dance, too, so we'll definitely be tracking that down. Micah looks great as usual and the pics are adorable.

  5. The little boy that I nanny for used to spit up ALOT and I changed his formula and it completley stopped. I guess diferent formulas settle in their little tummies differently. It might be worth a try.

  6. my little guy was a spitter upper bad!! Has your ped talked to you about reflux? Canaan had to take meds for reflux and it almost completely cleared it up. Also, try Gripe Water or Tume Ease...both can be bought at health food stores. email me if you need help finding them. addiesmommy@hotmail.com

  7. hair care, hair care.... I know what you are using is working well for you, but I have recently started to use Carol's Daughter Hair milk....Carol's Daughter products are sold at Sephora or online. I really like it...and it smells great! The Hair Milk is all I have tried, but it is for curly hair. I put it on his hair after his bath and it makes his curls so cute! I can't wait to see his hair grow and grow...I also love his curls! Jada Pinkett Smith is the spokesperson for Carols Daughter...Not that that means anything, but it sort of gives it some validity.