Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am sad to say that I was a terrible photographer yesterday and did not really get many good pictures from Micah's first Thanksgiving. We had lunch at our house with my mom, her friend Gary, and my Aunt Terry. Then later that afternoon we went to Papa & Grandma K's house for their dinner (although we only had dessert - still pretty full from our first meal), so it was a busy day. I have to give credit to my husband who cooked the ENTIRE meal at our house and then stayed behind to clean up the ENTIRE mess while I left with Micah so he could meet his cousins at my Dad's house. Kevin is amazing. I am very thankful for having such a wonderful husband. (And an amazing son, of course!)

Anyway... here are some pictures

Micah & Mimi.
Notice his shirt that says, "My Grandma is hot" I thought it was funny. So did Mimi.

His first turkey!
(You can't really see it because he ate all of it pretty quickly - and because I was too slow with the camera.)

Here he is at Grandma K & Papa's house - with my cousin.
(I swear he was smiling one second before I took this picture.)

He got a new toy at Grandma K & Papa's house. He loved it - so cute. And, you can see his two cutie teeth in this one.

Laughing with Uncle Ryan. They crack each other up.
(He had soaked his jams with his new sippy cup, so Uncle Ryan had unzipped them for him - in case you were wondering, he's not going for that 1970's unzipped look here.)

So, although it was a busy day, it was also a fun day. Micah was a big hit with all of my cousin's daughters (all teenagers). At one point, one of the girls turned to me and said, "I think he is the cutest baby I've ever seen." Me too. :)

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