Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sibling Love

We had a visit with our social worker today for our first post-adoption report for Mae.  At the end she asked us one of those best/worst questions: What is the best thing about having Mae home, and what has been the most difficult?  The first part was easy - well, not really because there are so many.  K gave the best answer: Seeing Mae and Yabi together.  I'll second that.  These two are the cutest ever.  Sometimes I catch them holding hands between their carseats in the backseat.

Yabi constantly asks, "Can I play with baby?"  (I don't know why he asks - it's not like I'm going to say no...)  Unfortunately for Mae, "playing with baby," usually means getting in her face and yelling, "HI BABY!"  But Mae doesn't seem to mind.  In fact, she usually gives him a big toothy grin in response.

Not surprisingly, when our social worker repeated the second part of the question, K and I both fell silent.  Thinking.  What is the most difficult part?  I mean, sure, it's hard to get Yabi quiet when Mae is sleeping, and it's doubly hard to get out the door in the mornings, and maybe K and I desperately need a night out...But that all pales in comparison to the first part of the question.  One look at our babies together - in the bath, in the car, playing with their toys on the floor - and all of that sort of disappears.

(And don't worry, I haven't gone all sunshine and rainbows on you.  Someday I'll tell you WHY it takes us two hours to get out the door for a Target trip.  But today, I'm feeling the love.)


  1. Cutest. Photo. Ever. Congrats!

  2. Sweet! feeling the love is what keeps us through the hard times.

    I know the "2 hours out the door business"...yesterday the girls and i went to the zoo ALONE and I felt like i should shout that accomplishment from the rooftops ;)

  3. Perfect pic. SO glad I'm done with post-placement visits. Even still I am ridiculously behind on my post-placement reports. *head-desk*

  4. i was in a focus group that asked the same questions about the stress and challenges of motherhood. a lot of women agreed with me when i talked about it being a 'welcomed stressed'. i signed up for this 'stress'; i wanted this 'stress'; i would not trade this 'stress' for a million days of non-stress if it meant no bear and no ryd.