Monday, August 2, 2010


**this post has been moved from our old blog**

Just some pictures of our summer so far....

Getting ready for her first pool party.

Yabi at the pool party. I always said I wouldn't let my kids wear these things - I want them to learn to swim the right way. But the kid wants to be in the pool ALL DAY, so I caved. Either that or be in holding him up for HOURS.

And besides, look at how cute his tiny bum is in his turtle suit. Cracks me up.

He floats!

Mae does not float. But she does love the pool.

Yabi got his mohawk professionally done. He loves it. And James was nice enough to do it for him. We love James.

Mae had her first beer at the EKC picnic. Nooo, not really. She likes to put her achey teeth on cold things - she grabbed her dad's beer and of course I took a picture.

We had pictures taken at the mall. Dreadful experience, but I wanted to surprise Dad with some pictures for his new office. I can't wait to have our family pictures taken with our photographer. OUTSIDE. (Yabi does not do well in a studio.) But we did get a few (literally three) good ones.


Hope you're all having a wonderful summer!

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  1. We want Max to get a mohawk SO bad and he refuses. I am showing him this picture so he can see how cool it is.