Thursday, August 5, 2010


Three years ago today, we landed in Ethiopia and were lucky enough to meet our son just two hours later.  We were allowed to walk right into the baby room at 9:30 pm and meet Yabi.  Our son.  With the biggest brown eyes you ever did see.  It was such a blur - they handed Yabi to us, we ooohed and ahhhed, he smiled, we smiled, he ate, we smiled, he fell asleep, we... stared.

My sweet son sleeps with his eyes open and the first time we saw this, well, we were totally freaked out.  We waved our arms in front of him.  We giggled.  We marveled.  We wheeled his crib right up next to our bed and I fell asleep holding his baby hand.

This year, Yabi is beginning to understand what his special day is all about.  Every year we have celebrated that first moment of meeting, of becoming Family.  This year, after seeing us off to Ethiopia and welcoming home his baby sister, he is starting to "get it."  He was also pretty excited about having a Day that was all his own.  He woke up early this morning and said, "Mom?  My day!"  Maybe it was the Spiderman Web Slinger he was anticipating, but I'm going to pretend he was just excited to celebrate the day we met.  (Yes, I know I'm delusional.)

  Trying to figure out the Web-Slinger

And that, my friends, is what Spiderman's web looks like.  I am stuck wondering who cleans up after Spiderman.

After a fun morning of web-slinging, we were off to Monkey Joe's - which is one of those giant bouncy house places.  It's 800 degrees here with 1000% humidity, so an indoor activity was definitely the way to go.  Yabi's friends came too and it was good times all around. 

Yabi is a big fan of the giant slide. 

Mae hung out.

After that, it was home for some Monkey-Joe-induced naps and a bit of clean-up (Spiderman's webs were still covering every available inch of our family room).  We had asked Yabi what he wanted to do for dinner on his Day and he chose tacos and ice cream.  I'd love to say he chose Ethiopian food, but he's 3.  I'm just happy we didn't end up at McDonald's.


Ice Cream

We ended the night playing with his new Spiderman (a second surprise), dressed as Spiderman (Yabi only, we didn't put on our costumes), and watching Spiderman.  You could say Yabi is a bit obsessed with Spiderman.

At bedtime, we did our nightly ritual of My Favorite Part of the Day was....  Yabi's favorite parts (he usually has two or three) were meeting Monkey Joe and ice cream.  Sounds like a good day to me.  


  1. I love your new blog. Happy Famiversary! :)

  2. Happy Yabi Day!!! Bereket sleeps with his eyes open a bit too, freaked us out at first!! :)

  3. I like that name, Famiversary!! And Zac still sleeps like that too...always has!!