Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcoming Party

I finally have pictures from the day we returned home with Mae!  It was almost two months ago, and it already seems like forever ago.  When I look at these pictures, I see intense joy in our faces, except for poor Mae, who looks confused and exhausted.  She was such a trooper during travel.  After our first experience bringing home baby Yabi, this time was a dream.  (Yabi did not do so well on the flight, and we were both confused and scared New Parents, so it was not our favorite part of the trip.) 

Coming home this time was so amazing because we missed our Yabi so much.  Seeing him run and fly into his dad's arms was one of the best moments ever.

I remember just searching for Yabi here - I could not wait to see him. 
Best Hug Ever
I love Dad's face in this picture.  Pure joy.  (And that's Yabi behind the flowers :)   
I love this because that is exactly how I remember this moment  - everything around us was a blur, and in the center of it all- sweet baby girl.

Oh, I'd been waiting for that smooch!
First hug.  *sigh*

We're Home


  1. Spending my lunch hour crying. Again. I love these pix....looking at you guys down the long hallways makes me want to run to you too - there is just such a look of anticipation on your face!!!

  2. Oh, these pics make me cry. So lovely!