Friday, September 10, 2010


Just one day after my last post (with all the sunshine and rainbows about siblings), Yabi decided he did not want Baby touching his "guys."  Since she has started scooting around the house (she's fast), she can get to his guys very easily.  And her toys are obviously boring, since the only thing she scoots towards are his guys.  (Guys, by the way, are action figures.)  Mae had her hands (and mouth) on one of his 400 Spiderman guys and Yabi promptly smacked her in the face.  Yes, smacked her.  Oh, tears and time-outs ensued, followed by a "SORRY BABY!" followed by a forced, much nicer, "Sorry baby." 

Needless to say, the honeymoon is over.  Sometimes Yabi is okay with Mae grabbing his guys.  Sometimes he'll even hand her one to play with.  But most of the time he has Guy Radar (not the same thing as Gaydar, mind you) and the minute she puts a guy's head in her mouth, he'll immediately run to swipe back the slobbery guy and yell, "NO BABY!"  After I'm finished trying to hide my snickering, I step in and try to mediate the situation.   Sometimes it's maddening, but then other times I find them like this, and I can't help but smile at my kids. 

(Yes Mae has two different socks on.  Don't judge.)

And, just for fun - some more Mae & Yabi:

I've included this purely so ya'll can see Mae's chunkalove.  She's weighing in at 18.14 lbs these days.

And this just makes me laugh.  Every time.
Scooty McScooterson
Sometimes Batman falls asleep at the top of the stairs.  But it's okay, because he's Batman.  (And don't worry, we moved him directly after taking this so no injuries were incurred.)


  1. I'm glad you clarified what "guys" were cause my mind was going to a whole 'nother place....and let me tell you, if Mae was grabbing what I thought you meant, I think Yabi would have been justified in his response! LMAO! Glad his "other guys" are safe!!

  2. I could have written this same post! Though, there was never a honeymoon period for us... :) Olive loves Silas' toys... he has the entire cast of Toy Story 3 and loves them each very very much. :) She will see them and crawl towards them. He sees her and runs over and grabs all of them with both arms and asks me to put them on the counter. :) Oh kiddies.

  3. We're just waiting for this to start with Ash/Leni. She's not quite capable of grabbing on to his toys yet but oh my when the day comes when she is...yikes.