Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snippets** EDITED with Video!

This is the randomness that is occurring in our life lately...

* Micah has started to sing. He does not sing real songs (he's still not talking much) but he opens his mouth as wide as he can and lets it loose. He did this today while 'playing' the guitar hero guitar and listening to Jack Johnson. Then later his dad started singing some song and Micah joined in. (I will try to get video of this - it is so great.)

*EDIT: I got video! This one is with his totally awesome 1984 keyboard as accompaniment...

How hilarious is the giant intake of breath he takes right after raising the "microphone"? I know, completely hilarious.

* Work is going well. I don't have to tell my name to my tables. In fact, we're discouraged from doing so. Last week was training and they fed us a mountain of food every night. I've never eaten so much. Ever. We open this week so we'll see...

* Micah is doing well at school. He cries when I have to leave, but then I can hear that he is quiet by the time I get to the door. Whenever I tell him (at home) that I have to go to work later he blows me a kiss and says, "Mom, bye."

* Have you ever seen such amazing eyes? I mean - wow...

* I would like to say that I am not really that crazy about Twilight and Edward. I'm just having fun.

* Did you know that my purse came with a small pocket that Pocket Edward fits right into? It's true.

* Micah still fits into his 12 month shorts. His 2T shorts fall off him. These are the shorts that he fits into now...This was taken in July of last year.

* Micah will now have complete "conversations" with us. He still has a very limited vocabulary, but if I ask him to tell his dad about how we went to the bookstore and got chocolate moo, he will turn to Kevin and give him the run-down in Mic-speak. It's so funny.

* Micah calls milk "MOOOOO" because there is a cow on the label. That is an obvious sign of his geniusness. (I know - not a word! I do not have signs of geniusness.)

That's all I've got for now. Oh - and Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)


  1. Skinny MIcah! His eyes are quite precious!!!! I am looking forward to a picture of your new hair do! :)

  2. Pocket Edward is hilarious and creepy!!

    Gorgeous eyes Micah. Love the picture. Mamush is singing too - mainly the backyardigans theme song -"dah dah dahhhhhh" and for some reason he wants to have most conversation when leaving for school.

    We need to get these boys together to sing!

    glad to hear the work is going well!

  3. Such a cute sweet boy. His eyes are amazing. Laughin at the cow. My older kids called it "moo juice" when they were that age.

  4. Happy St. Patrick's day! And, I like how you said you're not "that" crazy about Edward right before you showed us a picture of your pocket Edward! :)

  5. His eyes are absolutely amazing.

  6. Adorable video! And he clearly IS a genius! A creative genius! I love how the dogs are rounding up their toys and trying to get in on the entertainment action.=)

  7. Ummm that video is too good for words!

  8. PS: Im off to Forever 21 aka your hell tomorrow to scrounge up a grey blazer...all for you my dear all for you!