Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog-entity Crisis

Okay, please bear with me on this post... it is going somewhere, I promise.

Lately, I've been bored with blogging. It's true. I've thought a lot about this and I think that I feel blogged out on the subject of motherhood, becoming parents, our adoption journey. Now I'm just a mom - I have lots of things that I love to do, both with my son and without and I'm thinking I need to take the old blog in a new direction.

See, I have a lot of... umm... obsessions. One is reading. I'd love to post sometimes about the books I'm reading. I'm not planning book reports or anything (boring) but if I find something fun, I'll share - like this book - it's soooo great. You should read it. Now. I know - the cover makes it look like some weird spy thriller, but it's not. Trust me.

Another obsession...

I'll admit it - I'm still obsessed. I am currently planning the dvd release party with two friends, and - I'll just give a few hints - we're planning on costumes, we have a color theme (duh - black, red, white), and AFE (Action Figure Edward) as well as LSE (Life-Sized Edward) are attending the party. Basically, way (way) over the top. So, sometimes I'd like to post about this. Or post about the fact that I can't walk past the Twilight display in any store with Micah without him pointing and yelling "MOM!!" because he recognizes the images. Yep - I'm that mom.

And, I'm starting a new job next week. Maybe I'd like to post about that in the future. I guarantee some ridiculous stories - I'll be waiting tables 3 nights a week so there is sure to be fun had there.

So, those are some examples. And, up until now I haven't posted about these things because this is an adoption blog. This is Micah's blog - and someday his baby sister's blog. But then I got to thinking (watch out) that I would have liked to read about what my parents did (besides only parenting) when I was young. Maybe Micah will too? Or Baby Sister?

So, here is where I need help. Do I start a new blog? This option doesn't feel right. This is my home. And, it would get very confusing. Micah is in every part of my life - for example, I just had to take a break from writing to go rock him to sleep (as he was refusing to go to bed at the appointed hour) so I feel it would be strange to separate myself into two blogs. Do I give this blog a new, catchy name? (Because, seriously, you see how amazingly original this blog's current title is. How did I ever come up with that? I know - I'm obviously extremely creative.) I feel like we need a new title anyway - with our second babe on the way.

Speaking of second babes - you all know how hard the wait is... and this time I'm learning too. It's not bad now (2 months in), but in 6 months... 8 months...10 months... well, it could get bad. So, I need to occupy my time. What better way to do it than to blog about my own self-indulgent obsessions?

I'd love feedback. I promise I won't bore you with ALL TWILIGHT ALL THE TIME. I promise. But, it might show up here and there. :) And, Micah will still be the star of this show. He's the star of my every day, so that won't change.

You'll just be getting a little bit more me. And now that I've written this ridiculously long post about it - perhaps I'll actually stop slacking and start posting more... that's the plan, at least.


  1. I'm with ya. I feel much of the same way and haven't blogged much in the past few weeks.

    I think adding more topics is a fantabulous idea! I also think a new fun name will be a great way to jump start your new writings. :)

    Pretty much whatever you decide will be super and we'll all still read no matter what. How's that? ;)

  2. Oh, you know I am with ya on trying to figure out which way to go with the blog (s) -- still figuring that out myself. I have so many drafts and possible new names and headers,etc!

    I think it is great to keep this one - change the name however you wish when/if you wish and write about whatever you want to share!

    Look forward to reading - even about that Twilight stuff that I've managed to avoid other than through so many friends.

    Have fun! I cannot imagine blogland without ya!

  3. I also can't imagine blogland without you so please do continue to bless us with your posts. We're in a dry spell here in blogland and we all need to step up!

  4. Keep the blog! Post more often about whatever! I love reading your blog...

    BTW, thanks for posting about The Hunger Games. I had read a review of that last summer and forgot the title!! I am going to my library's website to request it right now!!!

  5. I vote keep this blog just add more topics... I would love to read about books, as I am desperately trying to do some reading (loved p&p by the way). I actually was just reading an excerpt from the hunger games the other day and definitely need to read it. Oh, and I don't think any of us would mind a little edward discussion every now and then. I am very bored with my blog also, and frequently consider quitting, but am not sure what to do. So let me know what you decide :)

  6. okay so I just went back to my blog (new one) and shit...it does have a lot of adoption stuff on it still :-)...but it serves a different purpose than just LEUL! I just had to clear that up before someone rolled there eyes at me and accused me of lying!!

  7. I'll read whatever you post.
    I am having the same problem with the inexpertly titled "Got Injera, The Story of our Adoption From Ethiopia". I am erring on the side of laziness! No changes.

  8. LOVE Twilight series also. i just wrote a post about Twilight about a week ago on my blog. sounds like a fun party. wish i had local friends who loved the books as much as i do. you should post pics from the party. i'm interested in what the Edward action figure looks like :)

  9. I didn't start a new blog -- my adoption blog naturally switched into a family blog (including our newest family member ACTION FIGURE EDWARD) and also since it is written by me I share things that I like (ahem, TWILIGHT) or music (LET ME SIGN/NEVER THINK).

  10. You must keep blogging! I say combine it all on this blog b/c you are right, your little ones will have something to look at in the future. Have you thought of printing your blog year by year or however you want, so you have a hard copy that can live on forever??? Just a thought :) love and miss you guys!

  11. I had much the same obsession with Harry Potter and Oscar loves him too now. He always points him out in Barnes and Noble, even though he hasn't seen any of the movies. I can't wait until he is old enough to get started on them!

    Keep blogging! I'm a reader too. You should join Goodreads! It's Facebook for readers.

  12. I think this is a great idea. The adoption is 100% totally all consuming when you're waiting for baby #1 (she said knowingly, because that is where she is at right now) but I know that there is no way I can possibly maintain this kind of obsession about any one thing forever. Eventually, my baby's going to come home and I'll be thinking a lot less about the fact that he / she was adopted than I'm thinking about that process now! I hope!
    I think mixing it up a bit is a great idea. I'm particularly looking forward to new job stories...

  13. Girl, go for it... new name & all with good stories of your life as a woman, mom, wife, etc... Love, J

  14. I personally would love an all Twilight All Edward Stacie blog...but maybe that's just me.
    I do understand the need to branch out. I changed my "about" page to reflect that recently, and blog about food, weight loss, fitness, Gregg, AND the baby. I think you can blog about all things here -- maybe change the name if you chose. But as one of your faithful followers, I'd read your blog if you were counting ceiling tiles. Again, that could just be me.
    SO JEALOUS about the DVD party. I'm ordering it though.

  15. It's your blog. Blog about what's important to you. If anything, change the name to be something more all inclusive but stay where you are. We all like it here. :-)

  16. I've been thinking about retitling mine "If you are my facebook friend, don't bother reading this post!" Seriously, FB is easier to manage but I hate double-posting but I also love my blog...or maybe I love what my blog was. I've often thought about starting a book blog...everything from adoption books to my favorite kids books, Mari's nite-nite books to classic favorites. One day I might have the energy to do it...one day!

  17. Did you know I started the Twilight series after reading about it on your blog? Seriously! Now I'm just as excited (crazy) about the series (Edward) as you! I like the idea of broadening the blogs horizons!

  18. What I love about blogging is that it is a place that I can experience my own growth - sometimes messy and then sometimes I am proud to look back and see from where I have grown.

    I love that there is an audience who can participate in my thoughts and share my views. I write from my heart a lot and I find it has a lot to say when I am tuned in. Perhaps you are evolving and it is time for you to re-connect with another side of yourself.

    It is evident that you put a lot of effort into blogging so in my opinion rather than make a new one, just incorporate more of who you are and becoming to expand this one a bit. It will be enjoyable for us readers to grow along with you.

    P.S. I see Micah has done what all our babies insist on doing...growing up! I can't believe how big he is.