Friday, March 13, 2009

BU 09!!

Are you going to Blog Union this year? Please say yes! It's going to be so much fun. Last year was amazing. One of my favorite moments of BU 08...

Kevin, Micah and I had arrived in LA, secured our rental car and arrived at our hotel in beautiful Hermosa Beach. We decided to go look for a spot to have lunch, so we walked down to the beach area and were overwhelmed by the choices of restaurants. It was a beautiful day so we just puttered along looking at each restaurant's menu. Finally, we started to get really hungry so we were heading back to one of the restaurants when I happened to look into the window of the place we were passing. I saw this face...

That's right! Abey Baby from Our Own Rooney was looking out of the window. It was like seeing a celebrity (we were in L.A., after all) - I shouted, "There's Abe Rooney!" Kevin was really confused (he cannot keep his famous blog babies straight) but followed me into the restaurant where we met up with a big ol' group of blog unioners. And, I got to hold sweet Abe in my arms and talk to his mama in person!

My other favorite moments include - making the trek up the hill to the hotel with Tara & Malak and the Bottomly's, watching Micah during his first trip to the beach, meeting Carey & Drew who put the whole show together, seeing Courtney's beautiful smile in person, and basically just sitting back and taking in the moments. I have many other great memories from last year (truly) but this post is about BU 09...

I know you want to come - so here are the details... You can come this year if...
1. You have a blog
2. You are officially waiting for your referral from Ethiopia or have already adopted from Ethiopia

That's it! BU 09 is in Chicago during August of this year. Want more info? Find it here.

BU 08 Memories...


  1. Girl, let me tell you something. I love your blog. Why haven't I been reading it everyday? Why has it not been added to my blog roll? That is changing today. You will be added and I will now be one of your many blog stalkers too. I love your insight and your sense of humor...and your book recommendations. Plus, I see you around fb and you are just pretty stinkin cool. Plus, I love Edward...and Jasper. So that is that.


  2. I sooo want to go to BU 09. I'm having a hard time convincing Ben though...he doesn't quite get the blog world :)