Sunday, March 1, 2009


So, catching up here... in reverse order

This is what happens when your mom and dad keep you up until 11 p.m. on Saturday night, then you wake up at 6:30 a.m., then you go to church and refuse to play in the nursery, only to fall asleep on dad during church, then wake up and REFUSE to nap the rest of the day...

You fall asleep at 7:15 p.m.

Micah's bedtime is normally 8-8:30 p.m. and he is not one to fall asleep unless he is in bed, or in his carseat (and very tired). I was doing dishes while he was sitting in Kevin's lap and I turned around to check on him to find him snoozing. Sweet, tired boy.

Hey! How about some big-boys?

Is that the cutest? I love big-boy underwear. Micah is totally great with the potty training if he is naked, but the minute I put big-boys on him, it's over. It's a work in progress.

Micah had his first official swim lesson yesterday. He did so well - he jumps in, goes under, kicks his feet - I love watching. We decided that Kevin would be his partner in the pool - I have taught too many baby swim lessons in my life and I was afraid I'd get all pageant-mom with him in the pool. And, it gives Micah and dad a chance to do something fun together each week.

I think Micah was over it here.

And, Micah turned 2! Last week, I know - I'm late. We decided not to do a big party, but instead did lots of fun things with friends. On friday we went to two museums with our bud Nathaniel and his mom. We had lots of fun. Micah and Nathaniel really got along well.

On his birthday we took Micah to see Disney Playhouse Live. I have to admit it (and hate me if you must), I don't love Mickey Mouse. He bugs me. But, I do like his friend Donald. I was always more of a Donald kind of girl. And, the show also had the Little Einsteins (eh - okay) and Handy Manny (he's cool) so I figured I could put up with Mickey a little bit. Besides, Micah seems to love him and you all know the things we'll do for our children...

That night we came home and had cake with just the three of us. I made a snoopy cake and Micah seemed pretty excited about it.

It was a great second birthday. He still has a family celebration coming up - we had family out of town on his birthday so we wanted to wait for them to do anything. I wonder if I should make another awesome Snoopy cake? :)


  1. Happy birthday Micah! I love the precious look when they're so tired they just zonk wherever they are, definitely a sign that you all had a fantastic weekend!

  2. That cake is AWESOME!

    As for Mickey- yep. Drives me batty as well. My personal favorite is Oscar the Grouch. And he's all kinds of Sesame Street. Much more chill than Disney. But whatev's. Anything's better than Barney, yes?

    I love your pictures- the pool is way fun!

  3. I'm loving the undies! Way too cute!!! I'm glad Micah had a wonderful birthday!

    Oh, and the "pageant-mom" comment made me laugh out loud. :)

  4. Swim lessons are awesome. Mari loves them!

    The big boy undies are adorable...Mari does fine while in diapers but if you put pull-ups on her, she pees in them immediately. I think she likes that "cool sensation" they add to make you know you're peeing. I haven't tried the naked thing yet.

    Those first couple pix of Micah sleeping on Kevn are SO sweet. I seriously thought you had slipped in some baby pix...he looks so baby-cute instead of big-boy-handsome. They are all growing up too fast. Sniff, sniff.

  5. I love the "over it" picture of him on the yellow ball in the pool...priceless.

  6. Great job on the cake! It is very cute. That's awesome that Micah is starting wear big boys!! That seems so far off for us!

    take care,

  7. I love big boy underwear too. So cute! I'm still gonna make that cake...

  8. Happy Birthday Micah! I love the things we do for our kids. I haven't yet convinced Brian that we should take Ernie to Thomas the Train's live show, though. I personally can't wait for the monster truck rally!

  9. Awesome birthday pictures and awesome cake!!! Yay Stacie! I love that little peanut! And huge b-days for little ones are over-rated if you ask me!

  10. You are so fancy with the cake! I fear that Eli will never have a decent cake. I'm thinking I'll make him brownies for his birthday every year :)

    Micah looks so big to me now! Can you believe you have a two year old? It doesn't seem that long ago when I was looking at your blog and you all had the video of receiving his referral. Ahhh. Sweet times.

  11. Oh yeah, and VERY cute cake!

  12. OMG! He's 2 already!? He is such a cutie!The face that he is making in the pool, looks like one of Amanu's!

  13. Love those big boy undies!