Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Updates on Micah and Then Some

Micah turned 17 months this week - he is officially a toddler who can run, almost jump (he tries) and can definitely CLIMB. He wants to climb everything and is learning that you can stand on things (like the wipes box) in order to try and climb over something (like the baby gate). He has actually lost weight since he started to walk (I've heard this is common) because he is so busy. Here he is in a pair of shorts that I promise fit him last month...
Apparently, he could get a ticket for wearing his pants in this style. We changed shorts right away to elude the authorities. (But not before I spent a good 5 minutes laughing uncontrollably at how cute he looked with his bootie hanging out.)

We are still in a nap-time flux around here. Micah still takes only 1 nap per day, but lately he wants it to be in the morning as opposed to the afternoon. This is confusing for mom, but we've been working with it. He's also decided that it is no longer fun to sleep until 7:30 or 8. Nope, that's so last month. Now it's fun to get up at 6 or 6:30 (which could be the reason the nap has switched to the morning).

Here he is sleeping - this was taken about three weeks ago.

And this one was taken almost a year ago - about 2 days after we got home from Ethiopia. So sweet.

Since we gave up the bottle (almost two months ago), Micah's new bedtime routine is all about books. He loves to read books, and now will sit in the glider with us before bedtime and and listen to books. Here are some current favorites:

A classic - he loves to turn the pages with the holes in them.

I just like saying the part about the pigs singing "La La La" (So maybe this is my favorite :)

He loves this one - especially the page with all the animals. He points to each one and we have to say what it is and then make the animal sound. He loves the kitty best. Does anyone know what sound a hippo makes? I'm not so sure.

Micah has just started to give real kisses instead of trying to make out with you. Here is how he usually gives kisses...

His Uncle Ryan was the lucky recipient of that open-mouthed love. Just yesterday he started to close his mouth and even make a kiss sound. So of course we made him give us 100 kisses just because it is so cute. Love it!

And now, an update on #2...I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful comments about our second adoption. It still feels pretty surreal and all of the old worries and fears are coming back out (our poor social worker - I've already called her with a list of questions and we haven't even been officially accepted yet :). But, then I remember that things will work out the way they are supposed to, so I try to let those things go.

A couple of you asked about a timeline - Of course I know that there is no way to plan in IA, but here is our plan (I can hear our SW laughing now!). We hope to have our homestudy finished by October so that we can apply for the free extension for the I-600a. We'll then get to work on our dossier and plan to submit that by December-January-February (I'm being very open with our plan, you see). CHI is quoting the wait for referral at about 6-10 months, so if that holds true, we could see a referral as early as next Summer, or as late as Winter of 2009. Of course, things change, so it could be earlier or it could be later. (See my easy-breezy attitude about this? Hah- I know what you are thinking, and yes, in 1 year I will probably not be easy-breezy, but please do not remind me of this then. :)

In the meantime, we are waiting to hear back from CHI on our application, and then we can get started with the homestudy paperwork. Yipee!


  1. cute pics...super lookin' too grown up cute!!

    so, how bad is it that I've started hiding books I'm sick of reading??? :)

    Yeah, we need to keep reminding ourselves that the timing of all the paperwork, etc. will work out perfectly - just like the first time!

  2. Love the "kiss" photo! The climbing gets even better the older he gets. Nate is 21 months now and he scrambles up chairs and tables faster than I can catch him! They're so proud of themselves when they can balance on small boxes!

    Sorry to say, I've done the "hide the book" thing too. Or skipped pages to the end. Doh! We try to rotate books (mainly for our sanity) but Nate seems to like it too. haha.

  3. Those pics are hilarious! He looks all grown up and all baby at the same time. Too cute. I do love your time line (Dec-Jan-Feb) - it all sounds so flexible!

  4. Easy Breezy?? Isn't that how we all have been during our adoptions?? No worries, no cares, no fears? All about easy breezy...YEAH RIGHT:-) Nice try Stacie...keep telling yourself that and just maybe it'll happen!! I am so excited to follow your journey to #2!!
    Love the pants on Micah!

  5. Oh the climbing, does it ever stop??? Boomer has begun to scale bookshelves and the car (yes, the car). He also really loves to read and LOVES 'lalala' as he calls it. We can't wait to see you tomorrow.

  6. Congrets on having an official Toddler. I am looking forward to following your second adoption.

  7. Aw! Micah and Malak twinies is a sign of their for sure friendship. :) And are those Seventh Generation diapers I see on his saggin little bottom? Way to go you green little mama! We use those on Malak at night and are loving them! (G diapers at night are not so great and tend to leak)

  8. Micah is totally becoming a little man.....hopefullty we can get together soon. Dose sometime in Aug. still work for you?

  9. Those pictures are darling! Such uber cuteness!


  10. OOOO we're big Sandra Boynton fans here too! Love the pics!

    Yeah for #2!! Yes, you need to come visit sometime. :)

  11. Tiny loves Moo, Baa, Lalala too-her favorite part is "No No you say, that isn't right" at which point she shakes her finger & yells "NO NO!"
    Congrats on starting #2!! :)

  12. Stacie... when I read this I get very anxious because we SO DESIRE to start the adoption process too! I know the timeline is much longer than last and it stresses me out if I think about it too much. I just can't think about it I guess. AHHHHHHH!

    Micah is cute stuff saggin' in his shorts. Can't wait to see you in approximately 1 week!

  13. Oh, I love the kiss picture! I have a friend whose little guy is in the "make out" phase right now, and while at the time I was a bit tired of having slobber all over my face all the time, it really makes me miss it!

  14. Micah remains so beyond cute. Those saggy shorts are awesome.

  15. Yea! Congratulations on starting the process again- that's wonderful!
    I can't believe how tall and slender Micah looks! It's like he became a big boy over night! In the next post, he'll have his driver's license!
    But seriously, he's just so darn cute.

  16. I like his big ol' kissy look of Micah's!
    I think i'm still in shock that people actually can make it through to a referral...still waiting to see if travel is just a dream to!
    And here you are doing it again!! ;)

  17. I love the pic of him kissing his Uncle Ryan! Adorable! !

  18. What a big boy! He has grown so much! I love the sleeping pictures. You sure can notice the changes.

  19. Stacy... he is SOOOOO cute!! I love his booty picture, even if it is illegal.

    I am so excited to follow your journey as you move toward another IA. Hopefully you'll be following one for our family sometime in the not too distant future, too (and then you can share your advice about the "easy, breezy" attitude).

  20. oooh.. i want one of those micah kisses!