Monday, July 14, 2008

Seriously Busy Weekend!

We are tired. But, good and happy tired. Our weekend was crazy but a lot of fun. First, on Friday my Mom and I went to the spa for her birthday (okay, yes, this was relaxing so it does not count toward the crazy part). Then we met Kevin & Micah for dinner at a yummy Vietnamese restaurant. This was a bit crazy, but thankfully it was LOUD in there so Micah was free to yell and have fun. He was the best he's ever been in a restaurant - probably because he knew it was Mimi's birthday. He was also extremely funny and had us laughing until we were crying...

He loves chopsticks. They kept him busy for the majority of the time...

(Kevin says that, based on the way Micah is holding his chopsticks, he will definitely be a drummer someday. :)

Not so sure what to think about this one.

He also was entertained for quite a while by Mimi's birthday card...

He realized cards are more fun if you stick them to the side of your head...

or your face. Seriously - he is hilarious.

After our fun dinner we went home to rest up for the CHI picnic, which was Saturday. We were excited because we were going to see lots of other Ethiopia families - including Mamush, Anna, Mari, Mumblerr Children, Ash, Spud and some others too!

We had a great time at the picnic - lots of fun and pictures until Micah fell and busted his little lip! Poor guy. He was bleeding a lot but he has done this before so I thought it wasn't a big deal. I was wrong - it was way worse than the last time - his lip is swollen and he screams if he tries to eat anything salty (as we learned when all of us met for dinner on Saturday night -we've been on a soft diet since I figured that out). He gets going too fast and falls on his face - I'm hoping this is a stage and he gets more steady on his feet soon!

Here is a preview - I will post more pictures from the picnic as soon as I have permission from all the families...

Arriving at the picnic - it just so happened that 5 of us Ethiopia families pulled into the parking lot at the same time. I love this picture because Micah has such a big smile when he sees all of his friends (and it is cute how he is holding onto his Dad's shorts).

Mama kisses. I pretty much do this all day long.

Do you think Kevin is ready for a girl? (You know I cried a little when I saw this picture - I think we're both ready!)

Thanks to Mari for letting us love on her so much. :) And thanks to her mom - she took all of these pictures! More to come soon!


  1. Micah does look like quite the drummer in that first picture!! Poor little lip...we can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!

  2. The picture of Micah holding Kevin's shorts makes him look like such a big boy...ready for a little sister! yeah!! Looks like you had fun. Wish we could have made it down there to meet ya'll. Maybe next year...

  3. So very, very sweet. I love that picture of Micah holding the chopstick in his mouth. Such a handsome old man he will be one day, pipe in tow. ;-)

    Also- I dig Kevin's hair. Give him a thumbs up from me....

  4. I am blog stalking for bu 08. where are you in the midwest? i am in Ohio. and what agency did you use!

  5. Stacie- I just want to thank you for saving my rump. If I wouldn't have read your blog on a certain day, THEN read your comments on another certain day, Carey might never have signed me up for the blog union. And then I would have been lazing on the beach with no one to talk with. Just sitting there, watching all the fun take place just down the way. It would have been so sad.

    You're my hero. Thanks!

  6. Micah is getting so big! Definitely could handle being a big brother!

  7. :-) Cuteness all the way around!