Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hair & More

On Tuesday we went to the mall and visited our local Sephora shop for some more Hair Milk. I ended up having a long hair conversation with the woman who works there and learned some things I didn't know before. That same afternoon I had a long hair conversation with the woman who we often talk to at the market - she is African-American and loves Micah. Actually she loves all the babes, but Micah reminds her of her grandson so she loves him a lot. And, he always says "HI" to her when he sees her. :)

Here are some things I learned:

* Shampoos with sulfates in them are bad for African hair - it dries hair out. Sodium Laurel Sulfates are also believed to bad in general for everyone's skin and hair - it's a good idea to avoid it all-together. My shampoo is all-natural and does not contain them, but I never thought to look at Micah's shampoo (which does have sulfates). So, we switched to this

* Shampoos with balsam in them are also drying for African hair. This isn't in the shampoo we were using, but still good to know.

* If your child's hair is dry this summer being in the pool (or is just naturally dry),
this product is a "must." (Disclaimer: the woman from Sephora told me it was a "must" and she is obviously in the business of selling, but she told me it is all she uses on her daughters' hair.)So far I really like the new products. We are still using the Hair Milk daily and only shampooing once a week. I really love the hair smoothie though - it leaves his hair so soft. And, all the products smell wonderful!

And more...
Is anyone else getting super-excited for BU '08? I am. I'd like to take this opportunity to solicit travel advice. We are currently trying to decide between renting a car in LA or just taking a cab to the hotel and walking around (everything is pretty close). If we rent a car, we'd be able to rent a carseat, but if we take the cab I think we'd have to check our carseat on the flight to put in the cab. Fellow Blog Unioners will know (from my postings on our google group) that I am obsessing about this. Any suggestions?

And... I am getting extremely excited about starting our second adoption. We have almost 100% picked our agency and I am ready (I think) to start the paperchase again. At least this time it will be easier since I know what to expect. I'll post more on this soon!

Oh, last thing - speaking of hair - Micah got his second haircut yesterday! He did a great job! He sat on my lap so I was covered with hair, but he barely fussed at all! We had James leave a little bit of his curls so it isn't too short. He hasn't let me get a good picture, so these will have to do...
I'll try to get some better ones soon - maybe this weekend at the CHI Reunion Picnic! I'm sure I'll take about 100 photos there. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing the hair product information-I am trying to learn everything I can right now on the subject so I really appreciate this post! Micah looks so handsome with his new haircut!!!

  2. I am taking notes on the haircare stuff for our next adoption. Also - I'm hoping we'll see you on Saturday!

  3. wow... a second adoption!! Details please. boy/girl? ethiopia/another country? younger/older? to be finalized early 2009/late2009?

    so many questions!!

  4. Cute! I love hearing hair advice because I am clueless girl. :)

  5. ooh, good info! thanks!

    and, I cannot wait to see Mr. Handsome!! great haircut.

    I'm so excited about this weekend, its like a holiday.

    The tshirt came today - WEEP WEEP. It is supercool.


  6. Thanks for sharing the hair advice. To add to it, I just learned another swimming pool trick. Wet the hair and place a leave in conditioner in it before going swimming to prevent the damage in the first place. Supposedly this is good for everyone, regardless of hair texture. We haven't tried it yet, but will soon.

  7. Cute cuteness! Makes me laugh that you too hang out at the posh Sephora soliciting advice on your sons hair. I did the same just last week. The gal in ours gave me samples of five different things so we could try them out. I'm with you on loving the hair smoothie!

  8. Thanks for the great tips!! I've been currently using an African Pride brand shampoo with "natural" ingredients for Grace's hair, but it too has the sulfate in it! Guess I'll be changing. :) Hair milk is still my favorite too!

    Micah is as cute as ever!!!

  9. Great information! I plan on printing this post off and storing it in a binder for future use. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    How do I become a part of the google blog union group? I'm all ready for the union, but have been wondering if there was a google group. HELP!

    Finally- GREAT news about being almost 100% ready to pick an agency. I can't wait to follow your journey from beginning to well, it's never really over is it?

  10. that new do!

    My that little guy has gotten so skinny!!! With his new hair you can tell he has lost all of his baby fat!!!

    So handsome!!!

  11. I use a couple Carol's Daughters hair care products on my hair and I love them!! I have naturally curly hair that has a medium coarse texture and this stuff saves my hair (and sanity) in the heat and humidity of summer and keeps it healthy and smooth in the dry, cold winter. It's great stuff!

    Love the pictures and how awesome that you guys arethisclose to starting your second adoption journey.

  12. thanks for the hair advice...and hope you have a great weekend with everyone :)

  13. The hair info will be very helpful. Thanks! One thing I was wondering was why you are not using CHI for your second adoption, if its not too personal?

  14. Just wanted to say your son is so handsome! Also, great info we will try to remember when our child gets here!

  15. Thanks for the hair tips. And congrats on the 2nd adoption. I look forward to following your journey.

  16. I use the same products on Sylas' hair. LOVE THEM! I also use the black vanilla leave in conditioner. It makes his curls super soft.