Monday, August 4, 2008

BU Memories

I would really love to post some of the adorable pictures of Micah at the Blog Union from this past weekend, but it seems I have left my camera cord in Hermosa Beach. So sad. Especially because Micah absolutely loved his first visit to the ocean - the waves were his favorite. The sand was not my favorite, but when I can finally post pictures, you will see that Micah had a mission to cover his entire body with it.

You can see pictures from the weekend here at Drew & Carey's blog.

Here are some of my favorite memories from this past weekend:

*Dancing with little Abe in my arms after spending some time talking with his mom. That Abe is one sweet boy. And, his mom is pretty great too.

*Seeing Micah's friend Silas again - and knowing that the two boys went and played together with their dads on Friday night. We also had fun walking up the hill to the Hampton Inn (no Beach House for us :) with Amy & Josh each night. Good times.

*Seeing this adorable baby boy and his mama too! (We missed his dad - next year he'll have to come too!)

*Meeting Courtney - the only other fellow CHIer at the Union. Courtney - you had a huge smile on your face all weekend! I was so happy to have met you! I can't wait until next year when you bring your little one to BU 09! (And bring Jason too!)

*Seeing old friends - Pacey & Nathan - and meeting so many new friends. There is just something so easy about being around people who have walked the same path as we have. There is an unspoken understanding there and I love that.

*Finally getting a big (HUGE) bear-hug from Habi. It was one of the best hugs ever.

*Watching Kevin meet all of these people that I've been talking about for a year now (or longer, really). I think I caught him looking at blogs this morning after I walked away from the computer! It was fun to share this weekend with him - and with Micah of course!

So, of course, a HUGE thank you to Drew & Carey for the AMAZING weekend! I really can't put into words how grateful I am for all they did to bring us all together. The bar has been set very high for BU 09 (I'm talking a full-on production crew, shuttles - the works!). I believe Jocelyn & Kerri are taking this on and moving the event to the good ol' Midwest. Just to get you ready, one way to say hello in the Midwest is "Woo-hoo!" but really loud and with emphais on the 'hooo!' So start practicing! :)

(Please do not be offended if you are a Midwesterner - I am one too and I do love it. I do not love that it is a swamp outside and the heat index is 112 degrees, but I do love it, really!)


  1. Can't wait to see pictures...sounds like you had a great time.

    Here's hoping to see you at the Blog Union '09

  2. So totally offended. We say Ya'll, but we may be a bit more West than Midwest! Sounds like you guys had a great time! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. Yes, what a great summation of the weekend. How true about that comfort in being with people who've walked the same path. (and I constantly leave my camera cord!)

  4. The pictures from from BU '08 look like so much fun! I was just looking at them on Drew and Carey's blog.

    I'm so jealous. And woohoo for a possible BU '09 to be held in the midwest.

  5. At least you took some pictures of BU 08 to post! I took maybe 2 pictures of Silas in the sand... I am hoping Drew's crew captured some good ones. :)

    Much fun hanging out with you guys! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

  6. I'm psyched that it will be in the midwest next year! Maybe Sylas and I can go. Glad you all had a good trip!

  7. I agree that it was such a wonderful weekend! So nice meeting you, Stacie, too!

  8. Oh my goodness, that looked like a blast, hopefully we can make it next year! hope you had fun..

  9. I'm a Midwesterner since birth- and you're right-- it's WOOO HOOOOO! :)

    Lookin' forward to Re-Union '09! We'll (hopefully) have our boy or girl then!!