Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Back!

My obsession with the Twilight series books is over. Well, at least until the movie comes out. :)

I really don't have much news - so here are some cute pictures...

At the zoo a few weeks ago...

E took Micah down the slide

I think he liked it. :)

E's little brother J - wearing his giraffe headband. (We spent some time in the giftshop that day.)

At our EKC event last weekend...

Micah and Zoe.
I sat him down next to her to take a picture and he immediately leaned in for a smooch.

I think Micah might be smitten.

The family who hosted our event recently returned from Ethiopia (with their beautiful daughter). They were kind enough to put on a traditional coffee ceremony for the group! It was wonderful!

We also went to the Festival of Nations over the weekend. I would have pictures, but I gave the camera to George, who is 3, and he decided to take pictures of the people sitting next to us rather than of us. Then my battery died. I found it quite funny to realize he had been taking pictures of random people - I wonder if they thought it was funny? (I didn't notice because I was busy enjoying some yummy Ethiopian food.) But, I did get this one of George before the camera died...

And, if anyone has any book recommendations - please share. I'm going through withdrawal. It's so sad.


  1. Thank goodness, I was going through Stacie withdrawals!!! Micah sure is the ladies man isn't he:-)

  2. Fun photos! I love books by Francine Rivers...esp the "Mark of the Lion" trilogy. If you start one, you'll be up all night reading it!

  3. I looked today for Twilight, and yesterday at our library, so I think a trip to Powells is in order this evening. I just started a book by Sally Nemeth (an acquaintance of Ted's in L.A.) called *The Heights, the Depths, and Everything in Between*. It's a young-adult novel, and so far pretty good.
    But maybe my favorite book in the last year was *She Got Up Off the Couch* by Haven Kimmel. Love. It.
    Oh, and I'm dying to read David Sedaris' new book too.

  4. I've heard the Twilight books are a must read! I can't wait to get started on them...definitely going to read them before the movie comes out.

    Micah is so cute! He knows how to charm the ladies. I know I just watch from afar, but he has really grown! I was looking at the pictures in your blog header, and he was such a little baby then! Now, he's a full grown kiddo :)

  5. micah is just beyond cute!!! such a handsome boy! great pictures!

    also, we are compiling photos of families with their children into a photo album for the gladney caregivers….i would love for you to email me a family picture of y’all with micah for the album at kimbo2710@aol.com ….we leave next week, so send it soon! the caregivers will love it i am sure!!! thanks!

  6. Long Walk to Freedom - it's a long one, but my favorite book of all time!

  7. I'm going to have to get those twilight books out of the library.

    I read 'Run' by Ann Patchett a few weeks ago, LOVED it, recommended it to DH, he loved it, then I turned straight around as soon as he was finished and read it again! So, err, yes ,I guess I recommend that one. Happens to be about transracial adoption (partly) but mostly just a fan-spanking-tastic novel.

    ps Micah sure is looking cute in those pics! And where can I get one of those lion headbands - I want one for ME!

  8. Come join the Eyes on Books book club - I just finished Notes from the Hyena's Belly - you would love it. Those pics of Micah and Co. are so cute, he is growing like a weed!


  9. welcome back, we've missed you. Micah is adorable with his little crush.

  10. I don't have any book recs at the moment. After reading all four of the Twilight saga books back to back and then reading them over again AND then going back and reading bits and pieces of the books, I've gotta take a little break.

  11. The pics of Micah and Zoe are too cute!!! I was kind of hoping he'd be sweet on Kebor, but lucky Zoe! :)

  12. I'm still reading the Twilight books but I would recommend anything by Mariah Snyder. I'm loving her books too!