Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Time Until We Board...

Kevin is very excited about this trip - he has a permanent time ticker on our desktop that is currently counting down the hours until we leave. Right now it says 96 hours and 55 minutes. Yep, that's right - we are under the 100 hour mark people! I am currently packing and doing laundry (had slight scare yesterday when washer was acting up!) and trying to figure out what else needs taking care of.

Here is Micah's pile (which has since been moved to Micah's bag) -

Yeah - I think it's obvious that I have a thing for stripes. I really didn't know this until I looked at this picture. Scary. Hope Micah likes to sport the stripes because it looks like he won't have much choice.

Since the bags are out and packing has commenced, the dogs are pouting a little bit and not helping at all with the packing-

They don't know it yet, but their Uncle Rob is watching them while we're gone, so they won't have to leave the house and we know our home is being taken care of. He is going to take them to the doggie hotel the day we get home so we can have a few days to readjust before introducing Micah to the entire family. :)

Back to packing...

P.S. GREAT NEWS! Kevin just called and he got a promotion at work!! YAY KEVIN!! I'm so proud of him - he works so hard and he really wanted this promotion - he deserves it! :)


  1. Awesome. To answer your question about carrying the money. I carried it all in my money belt--the kind you wear around your neck. I kept that days money more accessible so that I didn't have to get into the money belt. I felt completely safe in Ethiopia. I have travelled a ton and Ethiopia is very safe.

  2. Wow. Sounds like you guys are more than ready to board that plane!

  3. WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!! Let the count down begin!!! I'm SO excited for you guys!! Micah mommy and daddy are coming!!!!

  4. That is so great to be heading to get your baby so soon! We also have 3 dogs- friends and family think we are nuts! Blessings on your trip.

  5. That's all for your ethio trip?? Good heavens, how long are you planning to stay! ? lol
    I was there 9 1/2 weeks, and I think Mal had 1/2 that stuff, msot of which she outgrew and we left behind for the poor. Micah is going to be one stylin' little dude! :)
    And love your doggies, too!

  6. WOW you guys are leaving REALLY soon! Have a FANTASTIC trip and we'll be right behind you..well, sort of :)
    BTW, totally love your 3 dogs ;)

  7. It's so excited that you all get to pack little boy clothes! You all are in my prayers as you travel to pick up little Micah! I will pray that things go very smoothly with the trip and with your first few days with your son! By the way, congratulations on your husband's promotion at work! Best wishes to you all!

  8. I can't believe in a few short days you will be leaving as a couple and coming back a family of three.

  9. WOW! How exciting! We're thrilled for you guys!

  10. yay! Sounds like you guys are ready! How exciting!

  11. I am so excited for you guys! Just a few days until you travel...and you'll be coming back a family of 3! So exciting!
    Have a wonderful trip!
    Congrats to Kevin on the promotion, too!

  12. I'm so excited you're so close to picking up your baby! It makes me want to cry!! Yay for sweet little Ethiopian babies!!

  13. Congratulations on your promotion, Kevin! And safe travels today for both of you! Many, many blessings as you go join your son and bring him back safely!

  14. Congratulation on the adoption of your son!!! I love your blog. I will add it to my favorites!! Ours is


    Debbie Wankel