Thursday, July 5, 2007


We spent the 4th of July this year with our friends and we had a great time. On Tuesday we went to a little town (well, probably more like a suburb, but I like the sound of little town) that has a carnival with rides and games and then fireworks. We went with all the couples who live near us, so we had 13 kids with us as usual. I rode the carousel with George (2 1/2) and watched Mitch (9 1/2) win the biggest orange monkey I've ever seen by throwing a dart at a balloon. The fireworks were great and even the babies loved them. Chuck (1) was clapping so fast when they first started it was adorable.

Anyway, it got me thinking about all of the things I can't wait to do with Micah. We were talking about how he'd be home for our local town's carnival with fireworks in the fall. We've gone for the past three years and we usually end up helping with everyone else's kids. It will be so amazing to have our own little one there. Then I started thinking about Halloween - my favorite holiday! We've already started planning his costume - we're thinking of doing a theme with Chuck and George. (Maybe Charlie Brown and the gang- that is how Chuck got his nickname, so he would be the perfect Charlie Brown.)

I can't wait to have Micah be a part of all of our traditions with our friends and family. Over the holiday, all of our friends kept mentioning how there would soon be one more child to add and it warmed my heart every time.

I know it's a bit early for this, but you know I love pictures, so here are some pics of our friend's kids from Halloween last year. We always carve pumpkins together and then we all sit at one house on Halloween - the moms (and me) stay and pass out candy while the dads (and Kevin) take the kids around the neighborhood. (This year we will be mom & dad too!)

George in his baby brother's ghost hat. (He is so darn cute!)

Mitch & Mitch's Sister (she needs a new nickname!) with all of our pumpkin masterpieces.

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  1. Halloween is my favorite holiday too! I am already plotting & planning what Nora will be dressed as on her very 1st Hallowwen!
    It's fun to think how different all of the holidays will be from now on, once our babies are home!
    Hope you travel soon!!!