Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Court Date - TONIGHT!

First things first, I want to send out a big, happy CONGRATULATIONS to Jenni & Jim - they received their referral yesterday of a 3 month old baby boy! We all met at a CHI function and our dossiers left for Ethiopia within one week of each other, so Jenni & I have been emailing ever since and have become good friends. I feel blessed that we have a friendship with a family whose son may be coming from the same orphanage as ours (I don't know this for sure - I'm guessing - she can't share any information yet) and will probaby (hopefully) be at the transition home together. And, Kevin and I are just SO happy for them - they are CHI's third family to receive a referral. Congratulations!!

Okay - now onto this court date business! We are very excited about our court date tomorrow, but I'm also a little bit nervous. (I think that's probably normal right? Please tell me it is. :) Sharon (our Program Director) has made me feel much better about everything by keeping me informed about how it will all proceed and what has led up to this day, so that helps! Anyway, b/c of the time difference, our case will probably be heard as we sleep tonight (if we sleep tonight :) SO, please say prayers that we pass through court this first time around! We are ready to bring our son home!!

Oh, and we had our first baby shower this past weekend - I will try to post about it tonight! (I know - twice in one day is crazy! :)


  1. Oh whatta night! Can't wait to hear the good news and I will be prayin' so hard - like super duper pumped up prayer! I can't imagine I'm gonna sleep very well again tonight - between your court date and our referral sinking in - the odds of great sleep are lookin' slim!

    It is gonna be so fun to see ya be able to post photos and get ready to travel!! can't wait!

  2. I'm sending good thoughts your way-I'm sure it will go smoothly!! Our court date is July 23rd and I'm nervous already!
    I can't wait to hear the good news!

  3. Stacie, I'm thinking good thoughts for you and your family hoping that tomorrow you will receive the great news that your son's court decision has gone through!

  4. It is so absolutely normal to be nervous about the court date. I didn't sleep at all for ours and we had 2 it was nerve wracking. I will be thinking good thoughts for you and look forward to hearing the good news that Micah is legally yours.

  5. Prayers and good wishes for tonight and always!