Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My First Give-away!!

I won, you win! Last week a Kim held a contest to win this awesome tee shirt...

The only thing I had to do to enter was repost this video... (I probably would have re-posted it anyway, because I love it.)

And... I won! But, I had already purchased my shirt! So, you win! Giveaway! All you have to do to be entered is re-post the video with a link back to my blog. For the next week, I'll be selling the "Love is Not a Color" tees here on my blog to help raise funds for our trip and lots and lots of orphanage donations. Kim is SUPER AMAZING and is allowing us to do this and is basically doing all the work! Thank you Kim!!!

So, here's how to win:
1. Post the video & link to this blog on twitter, FB, or on your blog
2. Let me know about it with a link to your tweet or blog or FB post in the comments here! (Please only tell me in the comments here to make it easy for me - we're leaving for Ethiopia SOON and I get confused easily.)
*Tip: For those of you on twitter - just click on the date/time stamp of your tweet and it will show you the tweet on a separate link.

I'll draw from the entries next Wednesday the 26th, so you'll have until noon that day to enter!! Good luck! Tee shirt sales for fundraising will go through Thursday, May 27th.

And, if you have a favorite quote about LOVE, leave that in the comments too! I'll post some when we announce the winner!

Speaking of LOVE....

**Update: I've had two people say, "Your shirt will not fit me!" so I want to point out that you will get to pick the shirt size if you win! I don't actually have the shirt in-hand, so don't worry! And, Kim has mentioned that the sizes run really small on the women's shirts - so order BIG if you buy a tee!
**Also, you'll get one entry for every place you post, so if you blog and FB about it, that's two entries! Blog, FB, tweet - three entries! Yay!


  1. I posted it on FB and my blog.



    And can I say Miss Lia is a super cutie pie!!

  2. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/DOshiroPalumbo?v=wall&story_fbid=122685177754556&ref=mf

    "Shared" via facebook

    Here is my fav "love" quote:

    "Love, having no geography, knows no boundaries." Truman Capote

    I'm so happy you and your baby girl will be together soon!

  3. Stacie...I shared via facebook :)! Thanks for sharing with all of us! I loved it!

  4. I linked on my bloggity blog! Hope I win! (hehe!) Love that shirt. Thanks for passing on your winnings...you are so darn cool.


  5. Posted on my twitter and facebook, Stacie!!! I'm so excited for you guys.

  6. Hi! I posted "Love is not a color" on facebook and my blog. Thanks for all of your awesome posts :) Its been fun to follow a fellow CHI adoption.



  7. I shared it on my FB page!!!