Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby Doll

I am pretty excited. Lia Makebe's first baby doll came in the mail today. She's a mini Coco doll by blabla. I love her. My plan was for it to be "from Micah," but he really could care less about Coco right now.

Cute, right? Back when I met Tiny and her Coco, I knew I wanted one some day for our baby girl. I also want one of these...

Cute again. Lots of cute going on with these baby dolls.

And, I have to give a big SHOUT OUT to the store that sent our Coco doll - Sprout Soup! I had included in my notes that I wanted this by June 1 to take to our daughter. I very briefly mentioned that we were adopting. That was that. Today, I took Coco out of the package and realized there was something else in there. I reached in and found a sweet pair of organic baby legs! On the front it says, "Congratulations on your adoption!" How awesome is that? Also, they have a brick&mortar store in Columbus, OH - I'm definitely planning a visit for the next time we make it up that way.

Now, let's just hope the dogs don't eat Coco.

PS - More baby cuteness at Amy's blog - Baby Africa necklaces from Junkposse!


  1. We love Coco! We brought ours to Grace in Ethiopia. She sees pictures of herself with her Coco in ET, and now calls the doll her Ethiopia baby. :) She's the cutest doll ever!!!

    Can't wait to see pics of Lia with Coco!

  2. I am DYING for a Coco doll too!! DYING!!! I have dropped a bajillion hints to my mom... I am just going to have to get it myself. :)

    Love the new pics! Sweet sweet girl!!

  3. Our girlie will also get a coco doll. I cannot wait. It just might be the first thing I buy when we submit our dossier. Precious. Oh and baby Africa necklaces....a must. :)

  4. I LOVE sprout soup! Its just down the road from us. Cute baby dolls for a cute baby doll!

  5. Our Finley won't leave home without it, its her cuddle buddy at night too, we love our COCO

  6. Stacie - I just read your blog for the first time in WAY too long and read about Lia! I'm so happy for you guys!!! Life has been pretty crazy lately (I don't think I've written on my blog for at least 8 months now) but I've been praying a lot about starting our adoption. It just made me smile to see everything progressing for you guys :) Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you guys and praying for safe travels for you! take care! kami

  7. Sprout Soup is great! It's right down the street from my family, so we have been there a couple of times. If you do hit C-bus and the store, I highly recommend also going to Lottie Da. It's only about a mile or so north of Sprout Soup on High. Adorable clothes (she designs and makes some herself), toys, etc. Her website has a blog too!

    Congrats on Lia! Our daughter's name isn't Lia, but it is in her name and it is one of her nicknames.