Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And the Winner is....

We have a winner for the Love is Not a Color tee!! We decided to do this contest the fun way and pick out of a hat...

We had over 21 entries because I also counted people who posted on facebook who didn't comment on the blog. I remembered who they were (miraculous, I know) and added their names into the hat. Micah agreed to pick (after trying to put the hat and all of it's contents on his head....
He picked...
My friend Sandi!! I can't link to her blog because she's a facebook friend, but she's a wonderful person who has FIVE kids of her own (and is younger than I am!) and has been a HUGE supporter of our adoption! Yay Sandi!!!

Tee shirt sales will continue until tomorrow and 100% of my cut will go directly towards orphanage donations!! Vitamins, crib sheets, cloth diapers - that sort of thing.

And, speaking of donations - my sister is this super amazing woman who also happens to be a midwife. This is Bonnie -
Hah. Sorry. I couldn't help myself. That actually is her, but from her Ultimate Frisbee team pic. This is her looking more like my sister (and I know, we look exactly alike).

She is working on her master's degree and is doing some work this summer at a birthing center in Haiti. The center is in desperate need of medical supplies and she is collecting donations to take down to Haiti. If you would like to help, you can donate to her fund here. I know I've asked a lot lately, so please know that I'm just posting this for people who are interested in a creative way to help mamas in Haiti. I'm really proud of my sis and all she has done (have I mentioned she spent a year in Zimbabwe working with women's groups?) and I want to support her in all she plans to do. I can't wait for her to get to Haiti and come home with amazing and heart-lifting stories. Hmm... maybe she'll even do a guest blog post?

Oh, and again, since you're here... How about some news? If you didn't hear my sigh of relief, our travel has been confirmed! We leave next week!! I can't wait to smooch on my baby girl. Can't. Wait.


  1. Holy crap!! Lia is growing!! I can't believe how much she has chunked up....I LOVE IT!!! I'm so excited about you going going going to Ethiopia!!!!


  2. OMG she is adorable! I tried to order a shirt the other day but my paypal account is all messed up because I didn't know my hubby had one with our same card so it wouldn't let me use mine. Anyways, will try again today to order. Love the shirt!

  3. Congratulations! I am so happy to hear you are going to be united as a family of 4 very soon!

    Your sister's work is wonderful!

  4. so cool about your sister :)

    you leave next week!!!!! So amazing!!! what will your forever family day be??? Ours is the 4th! Funny if it's the same since your referral came on Maya's b-day.