Friday, October 24, 2008

Then... and Now - Friends

Micah has been home for over a year, so I thought it would be fun to start comparing last year to this year - to see how much he has changed and grown. This post is about friends...

Miles & Chuck. These were taken the day after we got home from Ethiopia when we took Micah to meet his new friends down the street. Chuck is my best friend's youngest - he is about 9 months older than Micah. Mic was almost 6 months here.

and Now...

George (Chuckie's older brother), Micah and Chuck - taken the same day as the first pictures.

and Now...
It's blurry - you can't get these 3 to sit still anymore!!

I have more on the 'friends' theme to share, but I'm already in tears looking at how tiny Micah was, so the rest will have to wait - I want to smooch his fat little baby face! :)

(Chuck & George are 'blog names' - unless Micah's friends have blogs, I will be changing all the names.)


  1. I love then and now photos-especially of children.

    They're all so adorable. I can't believe how quickly they grow!

  2. He was sooo tiny...his size sure changed but that face is the same...adorable!!

  3. Its a killer to look back at the baby faces!! I'm sure it will be forever difficult and boo hooey - FOREVER! agh!

  4. It's amazing to see how much he's changed! He looks less babyish and more like a little boy :( Growing so fast!!

  5. It is SO SAD how fast they grow up isn't it??? I know it's just part of life, but it breaks my heart!

    Micah is and then.