Thursday, October 23, 2008

Strange Fashion

Remember when I posted about Micah's weird outfits? Here's another one...

For some reason, I just think of Flashdance when I see these pictures. He found my headband and insisted that I put it on him. And, yes, that's a swiffer in his hand. He is still in love with the swiffer. This morning it ended up in the toilet, along with gobs of t.p. Time to get a new swiffer! (If you're wondering why there is a pillow on the chair - that is where I read - curled up in my yellow chair. :)

Baby #2 Update - Still working on the dossier. We were fingerprinted last week and are waiting for the 171-H. Hopefully the dossier will be very close to finished (or even completely finished!) by the time it gets here. I think I need to give myself a deadline for the dossier too. :)


  1. I love the strange fashion choices :) He's pretty stinkin cute!

  2. You should finish this outfit w/ a shirt w/ over-sized neck opening, so if falls off one shoulder. That would be stylin'!

    So, it seems like adoption No. 2 is much easier than No 1, paperwork wise??

  3. You are moving right alon! We are obviously waiting for our fingerprint appt.... we have most of the other stuff done though.... A few dossier documents left, but other than that we are pretty golden. Though, I have been freaking out a little... I am not in nearly as big a hurry as I was with Silas.... I am feeling like we need to slow down because 2 kids???? AH!

  4. Too cute! I love that he loves the swiffer...wasn't it the vacuum not too long ago??? ;)