Monday, October 13, 2008

Dragon is in the lead...Micah has other ideas

The dragon is winning in our Halloween costume poll! The dragon costume I picked out, however, is $70. My impulsive side lost and I decided that was too much for a costume. (Especially since I don't plan to make his little sister wear all of his old costumes - except for the puppy dog from last year, she should get all of her own costumes.) So, I was extremely happy to find a "dragon" at Target! Please ignore the tag that says "dino." This is so OBVIOUSLY a dragon and NOT a dino...

And, this costume even has claw hands! Claw hands I tell you!

I also bought the bat at Old Navy, but, unfortunately it looks more like a rat when the wings aren't showing. The check-out person at ON even thought it was a rat. Ummm... no. So, that will probably go back (sorry for those of you voting for the bat!).

I do have to add that Micah decided to show me today that he has other ideas for Halloween. I think he wants to be this guy...

Why, you might ask...

Okay, so he only got half of the mustache done before I took the sharpie away, but I think it looks pretty good, don't you? (The sad part of this story is that I took the sharpie away and didn't realize he had actually drawn on himself for another 5 minutes.)


  1. oh my....he's so cute...i thought it's dino at first but then i saw the tail i know it's a

  2. Definitely a dragon. Can he do the dragon roar?
    Oh, kids & sharpies -- such a lovely combination!

  3. Love the dragon! Braden is a dragon this year, too! The mustache is pretty cute though - he pulls the look off well!

  4. Bwahaha!! I love the faces that kid makes...and the ones he draws!