Friday, August 10, 2007

What a week!

Hi All - I'm actually finally able to log onto blogger! Yay! But, no pics b/c I'm not on my own computer :( Don't worry - first thing next week I will show off our little cutie.

This has been an amazing, emotional week. I am drained. I am ready to come home, but also a little sad to leave (OH - I forget what I said last time so if I'm repeating myself- sorry!). Yesterday was the hardest day - we went to the orphanage where Micah was until he moved to the House of Hope. His birthmom was supposed to come meet us, but didn't come in the end. It's weird, but I kind of had that feeling from the beginning. I am very sad about it because I won't have a picture or anything for Micah (and we wanted to meet her), but I understand that it was probably too hard for her to come.

Micah Yabsira is teething!!! He wants to chomp on everything and is a teeny bit crabby because his mouth is hurting him. Last night was a little rough but we both pitched in - taking turns with him, so we all made it through. :) Needless to say, I'm a little worried about the flight. I've got Motrin and we're trying to find teethers (been to 3 stores today so far...) so hopefully we'll make it through.

I'm off to do more shopping at the Hilton. YES YES I KNOW - WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!! But, I'm really tired, dirty (we couldn't take a shower this morning) and I don't care about it. I just didn't think I could handle the Mercado today. :) This afternnoon we're going to the museum to see Lucy and then dinner at the House of Hope.

Pray for safe travels for us as we leave tomorrow night (tomorrow afternoon back home). Look for pictures next week!!!


  1. Congratulations - can't wait to see pictures. From an experienced mom of 5, you can use a big carrot for teething babies - especially if they don't have teeth. It is best if it is cold, but I don't know if you have access to a fridge. If they don't have carrots find a similarly hard vegetable.

  2. I can't believe your little guy is teething! Sorry to hear that he has had the crabbies...thats no fun for anyone. When Micah is not happy, no one's happy. :) Have safe flights home and have a great weekend showing Micah off to your family and friends! Can't wait to see some pictures from your trip!

  3. This is just so exciting reading about your days with Micah!! Just wait a few months and I'm going to be bombarding you with questions of what to bring back from the birth country, what should I absolutely take pictures of, etc. etc..

  4. Praying for safe travels back to the states. Poor baby Micah! Praying he does well on the flights and I just can't wait to see pics of your trip!! You'll be home soon my friend. :)

  5. I'm praying for safe travels! Can't wait to see your pics when you get home.